If you are new here, it’s probably because you saw me on the last page of Utah Valley Magazine’s January/February issue (if you haven’t read the article, click that link, skip to the end of the electronic version of the magazine, and go back a page or two).  Unfortunately my name was printed as “Jessica Walker” instead of Walters (the writer just had a baby, so we’ll forgive her!).  So, if you want to follow on Instagram and see how our little NICU baby is doing now, you will NOT find us by looking up Jessica Walker! My Instagram profile is @jessjesswalters


Also, not to be nit-picky (because it was so nice of Utah Valley Magazine to include me in their Jan/Feb issue) but the article states that we got pregnant with Ava around our third wedding anniversary; we actually became pregnant with Ava just after our SECOND anniversary, and she was BORN just before our third anniversary.  I probably told that to Kate in a weird, confusing way. So no, Ava is not a four-year-old Kindergarten prodigy. We were married in November of 2007, and Ava was born September 1, 2010. I know that isn’t super important and that absolutely NO ONE is freaking out about it, but I like things to be correct!

Thank you for reading! I write this blog to help other people know that they can do hard things, and I write to help other people smile and appreciate the beautiful things in life.





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