My Favorite Beauty Tips




Beauty isn’t everything, but if I get up and make myself look somewhat put together, I have a better day.  If I feel good, I’m generally more happy and productive.  So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to look my best and feel ready to get out and kill it.

I know beauty can be a DANG touchy subject.  I am not trying to tell you that you need to go out and give yourself an extreme makeover.  I am not saying that everyone needs to go out and buy a bag full of makeup. But I do not think that attempting to feel good about the way you look is vain.  Your appearance shouldn’t be your main priority, but I don’t think you shouldn’t neglect yourself completely.

When I feel good about the way I look, I’m more social, more productive, and more kind.  I’m much more likely to want to leave the house and get things done.  On days where I stay in my pajamas I just turn into a big grump and get nothing done at all!  So getting ready for the day and making my appearance a bit of a priority has really helped me be a better person in general, and that’s not a bad thing at all!

I’m no beauty guru, and I hope this post doesn’t insult your intelligence, but I think that these are the main things I come back to when I’m feeling kind of blah.  I don’t do all of them all of the time, and what helps you the most will be unique to you, your body, your personality, you lifestyle, etc.  I hope this is helpful!

How To Look and Feel Better Than Ever

1. Wear jeans that fit. Oh guys, I love sweat pants, but when I stay in my jammies all day I get nothing done and I’m a grump!  When I put on some flattering jeans, I get more done and I’m a nicer mama. Sometimes I have to try on a BAJILLION pairs of jeans until I find some that I like (and sometimes I just sit down in the dressing room and cry because nothing makes my bum look the way I want it to, but that’s OK sometimes), but it is a quest well worth the effort. In general, finding clothing that flatters you and makes you feel awesome is one of the best things you can do to make you feel excited about getting out the door. And you don’t have to wear jeans all the time — just wear whatever you feel is flattering and comfortable for you — but not so comfortable that you just want to lounge around and not go anywhere.

2. Get tan. DO NOT bake your skin and get cancer, guys.  I did, and I’m paying for it!  But a good self tanner can do wonders for my self confidence, even in the winter when no one really sees much of my tan!  I use a spray by Toma’s for my face/neck/chest and a foam by Tanwise (applied with a mitt) for my body. You can get both of them at Sally Beauty Supply. A little color on my arms and legs can make me much more willing to wear a skirt that doesn’t go to the floor!

3. Have good hair. Sometimes a good blowout is all you need to feel like a million bucks (for days!).  Growing out your hair is a pain (if you have the time and money, extensions are a fun option), but taking Biotin and having some patience will be extremely rewarding.  Find a hairstyle and color that flatters you and wear your hair down once in a while!  Plenty of people I know look great in a ponytail, and plenty of people look amazing with short hair! At the very least, just take a shower and DO your hair instead of letting it turn into a big greaseball-bun-poop thing.

4. Clean up your eyebrows.  I don’t know why, but eyebrows make the most amazing difference in how your face looks.  Learn how to draw them on and find a good color to fill them in that isn’t too warm.  I like Brun by Mac, or Trust by MaskCara Beauty.  Don’t be afraid to have big brows, and don’t over pluck! You may need to experiment with different colors and shapes to find what works for you, but generally going slightly darker and making your arch a little more dramatic is helpful.

5. Take care of your skin, and learn to do your makeup.  I don’t think people need to wear a ton of makeup to look awesome, but a little bit of highlighting and contouring, blush, illuminator, and mascara (and maybe some eyeliner and eyeshadow) can just really make you look more put together. I know people don’t like hearing that they need to wear makeup to look acceptable, and I understand the controversy.  But, as they say, even a barn looks better when it’s painted, so why not make something that’s great look a little bit better?  I don’t think there is really any virtue in letting yourself go!  If you can enhance your natural beauty and look a little fresher with makeup, DO IT! If you want makeup tips I really really love Cara Brook’s blog, MaskCara, and I also use and love her makeup line. Now, I do know PLENTY of people who look fantastic without a lick of makeup. And that’s great! Sometimes just a little bit of chap stick and mascara are all you need to look a little extra nice and that’s fantastic.  If we were all as beautiful as my 6-year-old daughter it would simply be sinful to put any makeup on!  But my skin does NOT look like silk and my eyelashes aren’t a mile long and black as the night, so, makeup it is for me. Another think that has really made a big difference for me, with or without makeup, is using Tinkles razors to get rid of the peach fuzz on my face.  It makes a big difference and won’t result in you growing a beard.  Promise.

6. Take care of your smile.  This can be expensive, and I personally have just learned to embrace my crooked teeth because for me I don’t think they are too bad and I’ve even had people tell me that they are kind of cool. That said, I think a round of white strips can really make a difference in your teeth and will make you want to smile more.  And smiling makes other people happy, and it makes you happy! Yay!

7. Don’t neglect your nails.  I rarely paint my fingernails, personally.  I hate when the paint starts chipping and for me that’s just too much maintenance! As a mom with kids to snuggle and dishes to clean and meals to make, I rarely have a moment to let my nails dry anyway.  I do like to have my toenails painted, though, and I use a good foot scrubber to keep my feet looking good so I’m not self-conscious about them. So for me, I don’t think painted nails are a huge necessity, but they can really make you feel pretty when you need a little lift. At the very least, make sure your nails and feet are neat, clean, and moisturized. I think it goes without saying that some good old personal hygiene is the very least you should be doing in order to feel like a dignified human being!  I sometimes can be found shaving my legs in the sink on days where I haven’t made the time to shower, but if that’s all you can find time for, it’s something!

8. Be healthy!  I personally don’t feel like hours of cardio make a difference in how my body looks or feels, but when I lift weights and really work my muscles I almost instantly feel better about my body.  I like doing high-energy workouts so that I really sweat and generate some endorphins, so any good high-intensity-interval-training strength routine works wonders for me.  I also love doing sprints, but lifting weights or doing body-weight strength training just makes me feel like a rockstar and works wonders for me. I’ve seen people lose weight from just doing light cardio and eating less but the people who I really think look great are the ones who just eat HEALTHIER and get STRONG. Eat fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, drink loads of water, and GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP!

9. Avoid awkward shoes. I hate wearing heels because they hurt and because sometimes they make me feel like silly, but there have been all kinds of other shoes that make me feel pretty — even just some cute lace-up boots. certain colors of shoes make me feel better that others, too. Even cute workout shoes make me more motivated to work out.  The shoes you wear will depend on your personal style and what you’re wearing with them, but be sure to find ones you really feel good (and comfortable) in.  And don’t wear the wrong shoes with the wrong outfit.  I have gladiator sandals that look great with a pencil skirt but terrible with a midi skirt or jeans.  It’s weird.

10. Consider jewelry.  I don’t tend to wear much jewelry,  but I like to wear a watch to make myself feel a little more dressed up and put together.  Sometimes I like to put on a simple necklace.  And that’s it for me.  Sometimes I’ll wear some fancy earrings if I want to really dress up. Jewelry can be a really fun way to feel and look attractive, and I think it can really make a huge difference.  I like to avoid really big chunky or noisy jewelry because it can just be too distracting and I’m not looking to have everyone staring at me! For me beautifying yourself isn’t something you should be doing to turn every head in the room.  It should be just enough to make others feel comfortable around you and to help yourself feel comfortable in your own skin.

Sheri Dew said, “No amount of time in front of the mirror will make you as attractive as having the Holy Ghost with you.” So, be a good person, smile, meditate, pray, seek spiritual guidance, listen to music that really makes you feel good, and just do whatever you need to be whole and healthy and happy and put-together inside, and it really will shine through on the outside. It sounds weird, but think about how much more attractive healthy smiley people are than sad grumpy angsty people.

The other day I didn’t put any makeup on and was wearing workout clothes and running shoes, and my daughter said, “Oh, you look pretty today!” When I said, “Really? But I haven’t even put any makeup on!” she instantly replied, “Well, you’re pretty just the way you are.” I like to think I’ve taught her well! It’s funny how we think beauty has to mean eyeliner and covering up our freckles but I think a lot of kids and men don’t even really notice a big difference.  And there are some clothes I wear that are trendy and seem cute to me, but my husband really doesn’t understand why I like them. So beauty is kind of about perspective sometimes! I like getting other people’s opinions because sometimes it stops me from doing something silly, but I also think it’s important to do what makes you really feel comfortable.

I hope this was helpful to somebody!  If there are things you want me to post about in the future please let me know.






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