Cute Kitchen Stuff

I’m excited about the new house we are building.  We’ve only been in our current home for two years, but we had a great opportunity to build a home for a decent price in a new development, and I think it will be the perfect change.  While I’ve loved my little galley kitchen, I’m excited to have an island where my kids can hang out or color and talk to me while I cook.

Here are some of the kitchen design ideas I’m dreaming about.


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Blue Lower Cabinets

Blue Lower Cabinets

photo from Jillian Harris

I can’t stop being obsessed with white upper cabinets (with a few glass doors), and blue lower cabinets against light wood floors. It’s just so cute.

Warehouse Pendant Lights

black pendant I love these in black, white, or silver. They make for a cute modern-farmhouse look.

Sexy Faucets

black faucet Whether a faucet is stainless steel, brushed nickel, chrome, black, or gold, a super-sleek faucet always catches my eye.

Metal-And-Wood Stools

NMH7KGS_mu 5d08ffe7c7237ca35821745db4f92c95 magnolia home metal:wood stool These stools are just so cool. I can’t stop staring at them. The first is WAY out of my price range, the second is much more affordable but still pretty expensive in my opinion, and the third is from the upcoming Magnolia Home furniture line by Joanna Gaines — I’m super curious to see how affordable their stuff is going to be — I’m assuming the pricing will be pretty average . . . not cheap but not outrageous.

Turkish Towels

faacd932d43be67c2ccb69ac97e1bba6 Dish towels are such a fun way to cheer up a kitchen.  Turkish towels are my absolute favorite in the kitchen or bathroom, or even at the beach.

This Rug


photo from Rachel Parcell

Who else is obsessed with Rachel Parcell’s kitchen?! I really love her rug from Caitlin Wilson Textiles.   To see more of what I’m swooning over for my future kitchen, you can visit my Kitchen board on Pinterest.   Have a great day, lovelies!





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