Happy Hump Day

Tunes, videos, laughs, pretties.

1. Have you SEEN Zach King‘s Vines?! This kid has MAGIC editing skills. He was on Ellen.

2. Just try and not dance along with Kate Hansen in this video by Millennial Youth Pirates.  I wrote a post about the video on Provo Buzz yesterday. It was filmed in Provo!

2. “Bridges,” “Never Gonna Change” and “Pretty Thing,” by Broods.

3. Need a laugh? See this and this. Also — I should have had this poster in my room as a teenager. Also, this article Clint wrote had me dying of laughter.

4. Not that I’m starting a Christmas list for myself or anything, but if anyone wanted to know, I’d like this rug and this blanket and this table.

5. Definitely making this for our puppy this winter. Crap, I’ll probably spend the next half hour looking at dog sweaters on Pinterest.  But seriously! This one! And this! And this dog sweater crochet pattern!

6. Summary of every episode of The Walking Dead. Still laughing.

Every Episode of The Walking Dead

7. I’m going to make this with all my unused fabric.

8. If you haven’t already seen the “I’m a Mormon” videos of Elaine Bradley and Brandon Flowers, they’re worth a watch.

9. I love water slides!!!!!!!! Except I’m kind of scared of them only because once when I was like ten we went to Seven Peaks and the slide I went on was so fast that water shot up my bum and was leaking back out for what felt like the next hour and I was 100 percent convinced I was having diarrhea in my swimsuit and that it was just leaking out while the world watched in horror. Thank goodness that was not the case.

10. Running with headphones should really always be on my Top Ten lists. Few things feel better.

Happiest of Wednesdays to you.





Everything is Happy

I lists of things like these:

1. Ellie Goulding’s Instagram feed.  Because this caption says “Huzaaaah we found a poppy field”.

Instagram Photo

2. Whyyyyy is this making me laugh so much?!


3. Elizabeth Olsen’s hair.

Elizabeth Olsen's Hair | Pinterest

Photo: Stylecaster Pictures

4. “The One That Got Away” by The Civil Wars. THE GUITARIST LOOKS LIKE JOHNNY DEPP, and that is all you need to know. Too bad they broke up.

5. Mistranslations.


6. The fact that I have some serious whiplash from dancing to Ellie Goulding in my room yesterday. I was having too much fun swinging my hair around. Dang it.

7. Black-and-white clothes and neon nail polish.

8. “Bridges” by Broods.  The video is a bit creepy and strange but it makes me like the song even more.

9. Watching “The Pursuit of Happyness” and realizing my life is really not one bit bad at all.

10. This shirt.