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I’ve been wanting some artwork to hang on the wall in my kitchen, and I saw a photo booth poster on Pinterest somebody made with their kids that I couldn’t resist replicating.  I’m in love.

I think I might redo it and put her hair in little Minnie Mouse buns and crop the photos closer to her face, but I still love how these ones turned out. Still experimenting. I’m sure there is an app that could do this extremely quickly, but I did it all in Pixelmator on my Mac.

Photo Booth Poster | GeekyEyes Blog

Love this little cheese face.

Photo Booth Poster Idea | GeekyEyes Blog

Why You Should Watch “The Walking Dead,” and Other Happy Things

It’s been crazy lately. Which means it’s time to think about things that make me happy.

Things like . . .

Baby boy, 12 months
Baby cheeks. They are to ladies what boobs are to heterosexual men.

-When my yummy baby wakes up in the morning all groggy and grumpy and just sits on my lap and snuggles.

-Running down the hall and jumping on to the couch like a ninja (this is the only way I exercise).

-Chasing and tickling a hysterically happy 3-year-old girl.

-Hearing the words, “Mommy, I missed you when you were at the dentist.”

-Babies in general.

-Freshly blow-dried hair.

-How watching The Walking Dead is such an incredible motivation to stock up on food. A lot of food, a lot of toothbrushes, and a lot of tampons. Probably razors too, because I can’t be sporting hairy armpits at the end of it all. Imagine how Lost would have been if Kate didn’t have baby-smooth armpits.

-Wearing a leather vest and lace-up boots and feeling like Katniss.

This tutorial on looking amazing. A girl can dream.

-Newly cleaned-up spaces.

-Reading to my babies.

-I’m not baby hungry.

Well, that’s all for today.  Eat your eggs and salad and carrots and celery and green smoothies and cashews. Go do some jump lunges. Throw out the Diet Coke and Ice Cream and Cap’n Crunch. And learn the differences between are/our, your/you’re, were/we’re, here/hear, there/their/they’re, to/too/two, etc. Try lipstick before buying it.

Also, I heard that consuming caffeine can cause breast lumps? Ah man.








Bed Time With the Perfect 2-Year-Old

Tonight, after helping paint a pumpkin pink and eating two popsicles (just imagine the colors dripping down her tummy) (don’t worry, she was in nothing but a diaper), Ava agreed it was time for a bath.  After splashing around and pretending to be a “wheel” (whale), I wrapped her up in a towel and carried her down the hall to my room (I love carrying her baby-style, all swaddled up — unfortunately this is getting impossible with my growing belly and her own growing body).

After story time, she dragged her towel into the hallway, laid herself down on the floor, covered herself in the towel, and said “night-night.”  I carried her into her room, where we took turns brushing each other’s teeth (usually the tooth-brushing ritual involves a lot of tears and screaming — not just on Ava’s part).  Then she started making faces at me — the ones involving fingers in the mouth, stretching her mouth wide open.  “Mama’s turn,” she said, and I made faces back at her and we giggled.  “Jammies,” she then happily demanded, and after I dressed her she pointed to the bed. “Bed? Night-Night?”

This is not normal, no.

She showed me Boots, Dora, and Diego (like I haven’t seen them every day for the last six months), gave them all a giant hug, pulled her blanket over herself and her buddies, and laid herself down.  We said prayers.  “Love you, Bug,” I said, and backed out of her room while she babbled happily to me. She’s still in there talking to herself.

I don’t think there can be many things better than having a two-year-old girl like this around.

Instagram: @jessjesswalters


My Little Nug

This is my Ava Bug.

She just turned 2.

She loves the trampoline.  She jumps as high as she can and suddenly kicks her feet out to land on her bum.  Sometimes she does this in the house.  On the wood floors.

She loves bath time.  She can be a grumpy, screaming mess, but once she’s in the tub she is happy.  She says “paddle-paddle” while she stirs the water with a back scrubber.

Her verbal communication is excellent.  She can tell you when she wants to go “outside?  On the ‘boingjie’?”  “Show?  Diego?  Pony?  Drink?  Swing?  Candy?  Cookie?”  Sometimes she utters sentences consisting of 90 percent jibberish and a couple of real words: “Oji bugi ninga d’ga da boingjie?”

She asks for toast “triangles” with peanut “butter” and honey.  She went through a pretty hilarious “CAH-CORN!” (popcorn) (also “cah-corny”) phase when we were living in a hotel and I was too pregnant-lady sick to go to the grocery store. She eats bananas, apples, applesauce, eggs, and sometimes even gets excited about “brocci.” She recently mastered the art of eating yogurt with a spoon (without half of it ending up in her lap). She loves pellet ice.

She’s singing a lot lately, thanks to the wide array of nursery rhymes available on YouTube.  She went through a very obsessive “Incy Wincy Spider” phase, where she always wanted to go outside and look at the water spout, but she has since moved on to “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Monkey Jumping on the Bed,” and even ABCs (whenever she sees signs with big letters on the freeway) (“J! Jaguar!”).  She also likes “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” which is my favorite to hear her sing (“Up above, wooord so high, diamond in dee skyyy, what choo are.”)

She’s becoming very routine-oriented.  Last night I tried to skip bath time and go straight to story time before bed (she had already had a bath before nap time, due to a fun morning of digging in the dirt), but she protested.  “Bath?  Paddle-paddle?  Splish-splash?”  Before bed she likes to snuggle up and read a book or two, pointing at everything and describing the pictures of familiar books before I read a word.

She loves television.  Dora, Diego, My Little Pony, Disney movies.  She has actually learned quite a lot from Dora, I think.  About backpacks and Swiper and Boots, anyway.  Although I was pretty impressed the other day when my mom asked, “Ava, what’s the Spanish word for ‘circle’?” and she responded, “Circulo!”  Thanks, Dora.

She can count to four.  Sometimes it comes out “one, two — one, two, three, four, two, four,” but she’s pretty much got it down.  She likes to count fingers.

I can’t think of many things that make me happier than seeing her smile and jumping on the tramp — especially while she sings about “monkeys jumping on the bed.”  She is starting to play dress-up, and she walks around with mini-Barbies in each hand a lot of the time.

She has also recently started to go along with praying at dinner time and at bed time.  She folds her arms, bows her head, and says “Amen” at the end.  This one especially tugs at my heartstrings.

I can’t stop kissing her yummy cheeks.  I love her little laugh and smile and watching her run around with her springy little toddler legs.  Wish she could stay 2 forever.

I love you, Bug.