Summer Picnic Picks: Star Wars Shirts! Books! Glasses! Oh My!

I love Star Wars.  I grew up watching it in my grandparents’ basement with my dad and uncles — I mean, didn’t we all?

Well, not all of us.  Nick REFUSES to watch it to this day. I plan on using this to my advantage.  Like if he loses a bet, I’ll make him watch Star Wars.  Or, better yet, next time he wants to buy something ridiculous or make me watch the movie Tin Cup FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, I’ll tell him he’s got a deal if he watches Star Wars with me first.

Anyway.  I don’t know how I can live without this amazing Star Wars shirt (below).  I’m also trying to read a lot more, and for the last couple of months I’ve been eying record players (my parents had one and us kids set all our action figures on it and watched them ride around and around). And I’m still in love with Broods (go listen!).

GeekyEyes Summer Picnic Picks


Star Wars “Welcome to Tatooine” shirt / 1984 by George Orwell / Lila by Marilynne Robinson (preorder) / clear wayfarer sunglasses / tribal blanket bag / plus sign sweater blanketCrosely portable turntable / Broods EP vinyl

Hope y’all are having a great summer!




Stuff I Found

I’ve nothing exceptionally inspiring to write at the moment, but not to worry — I have been on Pinterest! Here’s what I’m currently drooling over.

1 – “Exiles,” a short film written and produced by one of my favorite actresses, Troian Bellessario, does not disappoint. The 24-minute film’s story is an alternative ending to the Romeo and Juliet, asking the question, “What if the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was not that they died, but that they lived?” The film explores the all-too-real phenomenon of how painfully the romantic fairy dust settles after the honeymoon phase of marriage, when couples realize just how much they don’t really know each other.  It also explores how quickly puppy love disappears when real life takes over and the stresses of mere day-to-day survival overshadow everything else. The film does contain one use of the “F word,” and Troian is shown briefly in her underwear, so be advised.

2- Duh! Best book mark ever.

Geeky Gifts For Nerds, Nerdy Gifts For Geeks


3 – 40 Maps That Will Help You Understand The World!

The world divided into 7 regions, each with a population of 1 billion


4 – These little Salt-Water toddler girl sandals – worn with anything.  I mean, it’s almost Spring, sort of.


Source: Chelsea James

Source: Chelsea James

5 – Rich B**** Booties (Anthro)

Lace Shoes - Anthropologie

6 – Hair covetings of the day.




7 – Calligrapher Canape Plates (Anthro does it again!). My sweet mother bought me four of these for my birthday last month. I wish I could buy the whole set and leave them to my daughter.  They have actually gone UP in price since Christmas. Ah man.

8 – This quilt. Be still my heart.

9 – Clint’s Daddy blog.  I’m doing a guest post for Clint soon, but in the meantime please go read his blog.  I went to school with Clint at UVU, and he is absolutely one of the most hilarious and honest writers I know. He is also now contributing to the Huffington Post’s Parents blog, so yeah — he’s kind of a big deal.

10 – This shirt, dude.

My sister gave me this shirt on my birthday. I believe I Pinned it, but anyone in my family knows this phrase fits me like a glove — er, shirt. If were an English teacher I would have a mug with the same saying sitting on my desk (similar here).

11 – Gratitude.  No matter how bad life may seem one day, there are always so many things we can find, if we look for them, that are so good.  Each day we can find something good that happened, and I think as we begin to list these things every day we will realize just how much God really loves us and wants us to succeed and be happy. Our Heavenly Father is always mindful of us, our trials, our needs, and our hopes. That is something I’m being reminded of more and more — that God is mindful of me and that he loves me! Look for the tender mercies of the Lord in your life today.





Today I Went on a Pinterest Binge

Today was one of THOSE days.  My skin has been extremely dry (since you asked), so I slathered on a jar of body butter, wrapped my tootsies in saran wrap, slipped some socks on, and sat down with my laptop.

Sometimes all you need is 2 hours of window shopping.

I just discovered how cute little poofy bloomer-style shorts are on Ava — right in time for winter.  BUT that’s what leggings are for.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

1. I like simple long-sleeve tees best on my Little.  Old Navy’s poofy-shoulder tees are cute and cheap.  I’m dying over this gold dot toddler tee from J. Crew Factory:

And I love this little number from Zara:

2. Toddler leggings are my best friends.  I love striped ones like these from J. Crew, and these from Old Navy:

3. LOVE shorts with leggings or cable-knit tights.  I also like these and these from Zara.

4. Yes, the moccs are $60 — if you’re in Utah and going to the Bijou Market in Provo this weekend, Freshly Picked will be selling them there for $55.  I’ll be dreaming about it.  I’m obsessed with her mustard ones.

So if you’re bored in Utah County this weekend and have cash to blow, go visit the Bijou Market on Center Street in Provo or the new outlets at Traverse Mountain (especially the J. Crew Factory store if you’re looking for cuuute little girl clothes). xo


Fall Toddler Girl Outfits

I’m trying to be super practical about A’s fall wardrobe. I’m thinking leggings, boots, long-sleeve shirts, and a few pairs of colored jeans.

I think when you shop it’s important to stock up on the basics first; then you can do the mix-and-match thing and not have to buy 500 outfits and have to find shoes for this outfit, a shirt to go with that skirt, etc.

I’m going to note first that I currently am not into any affiliate programs, so I don’t make money off what you buy (yet).  Eventually we’ll start doing the ad thing, but for now we’re just having fun.

These lovelies are from Target:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

I also wouldn’t mind buying a couple things from Zara, although I consider those my splurges.  This would probably be A’s Thanksgiving outfit:

 Love Zara’s baby clothes.  Lumberjack shirt (also in pink), corduroy trousers, furry vest, heaven.  I think it would all look great with oxfords like these ones from Old Navy:

And finally, my favorite outfit.  I am obsessed with this Ramones tee from Zara.  I think this outfit would be perfectly cute with just leggings and no skirt, but you can sure do whatever you want. High tops are also from Zara.


Boy Clothes, Girl Clothes: Outside the Box

Since we’re having a boy, I’m kind of in mourning about all my girls clothes (but only kind of, because I LOVE little boy clothes). I hope my sister gets pregnant with a girl soon so A’s old clothes can have a good home, because if I keep them and we never have another girl those clothes will die orphans and haunt my dreams.

The other day I was shopping Old Navy’s baby sale (only spent $25! Baby clothes are up to 30% off PLUS I used my Old Navy card to get 20% off PLUS I had $15 in Old Navy card points, so I saved $58. Husband was proud.). I got some cute things for A, including these skinny jeans:

. . . which are still on sale for $12 thru September 26th! They have them in bright red, cobalt blue, purple, coral, and hot pink. How I managed not to buy every single color is still a mystery. I bought the yellow ones.

For Mr. Baby of The Belly, I bought this cute little hooded lumberjack shirt, which you may have noticed from my last post.

It’s also on sale — for ten bucks — through the 26th.

You guys, I could just DIE. Baby boy clothes are my favorite. So much that I wanted to buy half the boys’ section for my DAUGHTER — then Baby Boy can wear them when he’s all big and stuff.

I know, I know. How dare I turn my daughter into Shiloh Pitt. But seriously: girls can wear whatever they want unless Lady Gaga is picking. I just don’t get super excited about pink tutus and ruffle shirts. Boys tend to have more neutral/earthy colors, clean lines, and spunk. Girl clothes get cheesy . . . so easy.

Sometimes I just like to wear my husband’s tee shirts with leggings. Sometimes I wear lumberjack shirts. And sometimes I wear high heels and pink skinny jeans and a push-up bra. I’m not saying I am going to dress my daughter in long baggy shorts and make her duct-tape her boobs down when she turns 14. I am just saying that I think THIS is adorable:

Picture from Look Linger Love

. . . suspenders and oxfords on a little girl? And look at her little sleeves rolled up over her sweater. And they’re GLITTERY suspenders, so you can not have to worry that she’s going to get beat up on the playground.

Here’s some other things I wouldn’t mind buying for A and passing down to her brother — except for the glitter suspenders, of course. Also, I know these $88 J.Crew Macallister shoes are outrageous; buy the similar baby moccasins at Old Navy for $10.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Baby Boy Clothes

In my last post I noted that there’s a bun in the oven.

We just found out it’s a little man.  The two-year-old is a girl, so we feel pretty lucky to have one of each right off the bat. Also, I can’t wait to go shopping for the little dude.

Boys’ clothes are bomb.  My sister-in-law and I are both due to have boys within a day or two of each other, so my mother-in-law is already out buying matching outfits for them.

Here’s a few things on my own shopping list:

Baby Boy Clothes - Zara, Old Navy, Baby Gap

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Stay tuned for more awesome nerdy-kid outfits, because you know what happens to pregnant ladies with several lonnnnnng months to kill.  LOTS of baby clothes (window) shopping.


Picking the Right Glasses for Your Face

Whether your face is square, heart-shaped, round, or oval, there are popular frames from a number of brands to fit your face.  While you could go try on pair after pair until you figure out what works for your face, knowing what frames tend to flatter your face shape can save you loads of time — especially when shopping online.


If your head is pretty much proportional in length and width, with a broad forehead, prominent jaw line, and square chin, oval glasses can help soften and add contrast to the angles of your face.  Try the following types of eyeglass frames:

  • -Oval or round.
  • Semi-rimless — Top-only frames also look great if you’re lacking in the eyebrow department.


If you’ve got a small forehead but have been blessed with a bodacious chin, you can add width and also emphasize the narrow upper third of your face by trying frames that are:

  • -Semi-rimless
  • -Accented with color or other detail on the top half.
  • -Cat eyes – These are very feminine and look great when trying to dress up drab business attire.


If your face is shaped like an upside-down triangle, you’re probably wanting to minimize the width of the top of your face.  To avoid drawing attention to your forehead (without cutting bangs or growing a beard), try picking frames that are:

  • Wider at the bottom than the top — Avoid top-rim detail and stick to simple frames.
  • Light colors – Translucent frames will look cool without being too bold.
  • Rimless – These aren’t exactly a fashion statement, but a bold lipstick color or trendy scarf can make up for your understated eye apparel.


Round faces are just that — non-angular.  Spice up your face with sharp, angular frames to slim your face and add definition.  Try frames that are:

  • -Bigger horizontally, and not too wide vertically
  • -Rectangular, rather than round


Lucky you! Oval faces look great in just about any type of eyeglass frames.  Try on a few pairs to get a feel for what you like before going to town at the optical shop, though.

*Tip #1: Try Before You Buy

Even if you know what frames tend to fit your face shape, buying glasses online can be unnerving.  Look for companies that let you try before you buy.  The following try-before-you-buy stores carry a huge selection of very stylish glasses in numerous colors:

  • Warby Parker – This store carries trendy but timeless styles of glasses in practical, timeless colors.  The designer quality can’t be beat — AND the store donates a pair of glasses to a person in need for every pair you buy.  Try on up to 5 pairs at home with no obligation to buy — and no shipping costs.
  • Tortoise & Blonde – Try on glasses virtually, or try on five pairs at home.  Tortoise & Blond also helps children in poverty receive optical treatment, serving more than 200 kids each week.

*Tip #2: Skip Designer Frames

While LensCrafters is a popular website for finding designer brands of eyeglasses, Consumer Reports claims their frames tend to be more expensive than elsewhere.  When you buy designer frames, you are paying for licensing fees (and a teeny-tiny logo) — not necessarily for quality.


Geeky Tees

T-shirts are essential.  Just about any other top will be out of style and in the scrap pile mañana, so stay stocked up on the ultimate geek wardrobe staple.

BONUS:  When a tee shrinks/wears out/becomes embarrassing to wear in public because your ex bought it for you, do the t-shirt to pillow thing and throw it on your couch or bed…OR you can make an old t-shirt into a grocery bag (nothing greener than that) OR even a skirt. So crafty, you are.

You can score many a geeky tee from a thrift store, garage sale, or your dad’s closet.  Here’s a few I wouldn’t mind spending a buck or two on.


Bicycles are almost as adorable as ponies.  In fact, they are really just ponies for grown-ups. Get a bicycle tee in every color you can find.

Girly Geek

Found this hand-painted gem on Etsy.

Big Bang Theory

If Sheldon Cooper has worn it, so must you.

big bang theory t shirt

Elephants?  Why not.


Some of the best places to find unique t-shirts are handmade and local stores.  Don’t skip Etsy when shopping for unique and geeky things!

Tee ID

Lest a new acquaintance should forget your name, jog their memory with an initial tee.