Posters and Stuff

I’ve been wanting some artwork to hang on the wall in my kitchen, and I saw a photo booth poster on Pinterest somebody made with their kids that I couldn’t resist replicating.  I’m in love.

I think I might redo it and put her hair in little Minnie Mouse buns and crop the photos closer to her face, but I still love how these ones turned out. Still experimenting. I’m sure there is an app that could do this extremely quickly, but I did it all in Pixelmator on my Mac.

Photo Booth Poster | GeekyEyes Blog

Love this little cheese face.

Photo Booth Poster Idea | GeekyEyes Blog

Felt Monster / Quiet Book Crafty-Craft

I only made one serious resolution for 2014: be better about birthdays.  I’m usually pretty terrible and can’t decide what to do for gifts, and then I procrastinate and don’t even end up sending a card.  My mother in law is the queen of birthday cards and never misses our birthdays, Mothers’/Fathers’ Day, or our wedding anniversary.  She always send a card and a check. She’s the best.

So anyway — as usual, I was stressing because I wanted to to something nice for my sweet nephew Christian, who is exactly one week older than Nixon, who will be 1 year this Saturday.  I figured there weren’t too many things I could buy that he doesn’t already have.

Pinterest. Duh.

I was browsing away while nursing Nixon before putting him to bed and came across some ideas for DIY quiet books . . .

. . . so, you know, why not.  I’m awesome. I can do that . . .

. . . and the felt monster quiet book was born.

My 3-year-old was obsessed with every page of this book. She didn’t want to part with the baby monsters (you can remove them from the train cars). This was surprisingly easy to make. I used felt, white thread (K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, Stupid), felt glue (maybe not the best idea for small pieces a baby could rip off and eat?), and polyfill. I didn’t really run into any problems while making this, but it was time consuming (15-20 hours, making my own patterns). Thank you babies for being so good.

Now I have to make one to keep my own kids quiet during church. Dang it.


Custom Earrings

Sometimes I like to be crafty-like.  I get so happy when I find something my non-crafty self has the patience to make: earrings!

Hand-Made Earrings

So easy. Swear.

1 – Paint wooden discs (I used paint markers I discovered at Hobby Lobby.  Less mess!).  Let dry.

2 – Glue earring backs to back of earrings.  I used E-600, which is really tacky and that the craft store lady recommended.  I was going to use hot glue but DUH, BUH-BYE FINGERPRINTS.

3 – Pre-poke holes into cute, sturdy paper (don’t do this with the earrings themselves unless you want to bust them because you were impatient like me and didn’t wait for the glue to dry).  Insert earrings into holes, put in cute box, give to friends for Christmas. I really like how this Etsy seller does it – paper, stamped letters (“To,” “From,” etc.), done. Bonus if you have the patience/lack of A.D.D. to get on the computer to print your labels. Knowing me, I’d get on the computer and end up on Pinterest for the next hour, then forget what I had been planning to do and go eat a cookie. So I hand-wrote my labels.

I used these extremely cheap, flat wooden discs (they are about earlobe-size, with the exception of the larger pink ones).  I think that it is even cuter to use wood buttons like these . . .or these:

The nice thing about flat earrings is that you could also use Mod Podge and scrapbook paper scraps to make some funky earrings.




Coasters I Found While Looking Around

If you’ve been reading my silly posts, you know I like coasters a bit.

I am very proud to say that I actually made some myself.  Let me say that again:  I MADE SOMETHING FROM A TUTORIAL I FOUND ON PINTEREST.


Now that we’ve established my awesomeness, I will admit that I made the mistake of getting on Etsy last night.  Etsy is worse than Pinterest, I tell you.  Pinterest is just a place to fantasize about all the things you want; Etsy is full of those dang “BUY NOW!” links that tend to wreak havoc on one’s bank account.  I’m drooling over these:

vintage encyclopedia coasters

These were made using pages from old encyclopedias. I’m nervous to try this myself because I’m not sure if the ink would bleed or how you would keep the other side of the page from showing through, etc. So, kids, before you try this at home, find a good tutorial –and tell me where you found it.

leather-stamped scrabble tile coasters

I’m obsessed with these custom leather scrabble coasters.

Cork Coaster, Periodic table

Cork? Periodic Table? I can’t think of anything sexier.

Now, it HAS occurred to me that, if you wanted to see all my Etsy-findings vomit, you could just follow me on Pinterest.  But who wants to see all my pinned organization tips and baby clothes (yep, you’re reading a knocked-up-mom blog) or cake recipes (because I’m definitely going to make 5,786 cakes in my life), or THESE things:


In other words, follow my blog to get the “best of” my Pinterest findings 🙂 Which may or may not include a lot of ecards.

Artsy Fartsy: Become a Geeky Coaster Maker

I have a minor obsession with making new coasters.  Geeky coasters, of course. Take some cheap tiles from the home improvement store, a little fancy paper, a little Mod Podge (OK, a LOT of Mod Podge.  Like 400 layers of Mod Podge — movie marathon, anyone?) and you’re good to go.  Check out this coaster tutorial to make sure you do it right.

Paper For Making The Coasters

You can cut up old wrapping paper, birthday cards, dollar bills, photos — just about anything — to make the coasters.  I’d be a little wary of thinner stuff like newspaper and magazine, as the ink may bleed and the paper is so thin it will probably bubble.  Don’t use anything printed from an inkjet printer, either (you knew there was a catch, eh?), because the ink will just smear all over the place.

By the way, there was a band called The Coasters back in the day.  You could use their album art to make new coasters, ya know.

The Coasters

Finding Images For Making Coasters

Simple, silhouette images are often the best for coasters.

I was looking around for some images to use, and — as usual — Etsy didn’t disappoint.  I don’t think I’ll buy any prints, I found, since they’re mostly huge and meant for hanging on your wall, but check em out!

Orange Optimist has some really incredible art.  Owls on bicycles — why not?  The images are pricey, but if you want something spectacularly geeky to hang in your casa, check this stuff out.

Neve Dobson has some cool, simple modern images.  I just want to get them in small, paper form.  Others will drool over my coaster collection.

New Coasters You Should Buy

These are rad:

new coasters

new coasters

geeky coaster

 Happy coasting!