Baby Boston: Home

I didn’t document the whole nasty ordeal of Boston getting Group B Strep right before he was supposed to come home from the NICU. It sucked but it was a good reminder that we are so lucky to have our sweet little guy here and doing so well after everything he has been through.  I can’t imagine what would have happened if he had come home and then come down with that horrible infection.

Anyway, let’s just say it was scary and I cried but after a priesthood blessing from his daddy with Grandpa Robb’s help, and after lots of antibiotics, Boston very quickly went from being horribly sick and on the ventilator and not being able to eat to suddenly eating better than ever before and quickly being ready to discharge once he finished his antibiotics. I can’t believe he was able to come home off of oxygen.


So now he’s home and it’s great.  We’re tired, all the time, but it’s so great. And he takes a binky.  A binky! He weighed in at  8 lbs 5 oz yesterday.

Nixon loves his little brother so much.  He asks to hold him a lot, and he rushes over with a  pinky when Boston cries.  It’s darling.  Nixon has also been doing tumbling tots at the rec center this month, which he likes OK but he is DEATHLY afraid of being upside down so he won’t do most of the things they do there.  It has been fun for him to get to do it, though, so I’m not disappointed, and his best friend Claire goes too.  He calls it “Claire-nastics.”

Ava tried kids yoga at the rec center on Monday since it was still fall break.  I don’t know why but I think sending a kid to yoga class is like the cutest thing ever.  Kids are so much fun.

Ava’s doing so well at school! I’m just amazed at how quickly she’s learned to write all of her letters, which she would NEVER do for me at home — it’s funny how kids just don’t like mom to be their teacher sometimes, but they’ll do anything for a different teacher! Haha.  I love that she comes home from school and draws a million pictures, and doing homework with her is so much fun.  We love walking to school  with our neighborhood friends, and I’m so happy Ava has made so many sweet friends at school and that most of her friends from church are in her class (except for her boyfriend Ben).

I just LOVED General Conference this time around! I mean, it’s always great, but so many of the talks this time just spoke to me, and I’m excited to read and reread them over the next several months.  I especially liked this one.

Also, Matt’s home from his mission! I’m so proud of him and his homecoming talk was just the sweetest.  I can tell he learned and changed so much on his mission and it makes me so happy. I’m so proud of myself because on Sunday I succeeded in doing this braid in Ava’s hair. I want to try this one this week.

I just bought these boots from Target.  I get lots of compliments on them and they are so cozy and warm and cute and fun and not too girly. Win win win win win.

Also. Star Wars. Guys.  I can’t wait until December.  Nick refuses to go so he gets to be on baby duty while I go so the midnight showing with my cousins.  I might pee my pants, I’m so excited.

My goals for this week are to attempt to start reading Harry Potter to Ava, and to start blogging regularly, and to make green smoothies and dinners that include vegetables, and mmmmmaybe make Ava a unicorn costume for Halloween.  I also want to finish the book my parents got me for my birthday last year (Lila by Marilynne Robinson) and finish making Boston’s blanket (similar to this one). Obviously I will probably just end up consuming lots of chocolate and Diet Coke and attempting to get the baby to sleep so I can fold laundry, and then Nick will actually end up folding the laundry while I pump and feed the baby while scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, but at least I have good intentions.

Have a lovely week, friends!