Baby Boston: Counting Down The Days . . .

Boston hit 5 pounds and moved to the B nursery a couple of weeks ago.  They didn’t necessarily move him over because he was super ready, but the NICU suddenly got three sets of triplets so they decided he was ready enough. Around that time he moved to a regular nasal canula, which several nurses told me I should expect to take him home on.

Well, we got a nice little surprise last Sunday.  I got a voicemail from the NICU during church, but I forgot to listen to it later.  Lately the updates have been “everything’s about the same, we’re lowering his  oxygen settings a little, and he’s gassy as usual.” So we took the kids in for their weekend visit, and Boston was sleeping on his tummy when Nick took Nixon in to see him.  Then I went in with Ava while Nick and Nix waited in the parent room.  Boston was grunting a little so the nurse flipped him onto his back.  I noticed a couple seconds later that his oxygen tubing was missing from his face.  So, I was like, “Um, oops, did he pull his nose tubing off?” to which the nurse, Heather, replied, “Oh, you didn’t get the voicemail?”

Then I got the amazing news that he was doing great on room air alone, and his caffeine had been discontinued because he had had no apnea in a week.  To go home he has to have gone I think two weeks without any apnea, and he has to be able to stay that way while being off of caffeine for a week prior to discharge.  So this is HUGE progress and now all he need to do it start eating so he can go home!!!!!!

Nearly a week later, he is still doing solid off of oxygen, and he is starting to do better on the bottle.  I have a feeling he is going to be a lazy nurser like my first to kids, and because of how Ava and Nixon nursed I had planned on pumping exclusively for this baby, so I will not be extremely bummed if Boston never catches onto breastfeeding, even if pumping AND bottle feeding is twice as time consuming — it is still way less frustrating. I would love to breastfeed instead of pumping, though, and the lactation consultant I have been working with tells me many moms have success after coming home and waiting until the baby gets a little bigger and stronger.

I can’t believe how much progress has happened in the last few weeks.  Not long ago Boston would have major breathing issues whenever I was holding him, and now he’s totally fine.  Sometimes he chokes a bit on his bottle and stops breathing for a second so he doesn’t aspirate the milk into his lungs, but after a couple little pats on the back he’s fine.  They have been putting a little bit of banana baby food into his bottles to make it a bit thicker so it doesn’t shoot into his mouth too fast and freak him out, and that has helped him immensely with eating but it is also constipating, which is the last thing that kid needs, as he’s always had a hard time pooping.  They are giving him a teensy bit of prune juice and are considering discontinuing the bananas now that he’s more willing to eat.

Now Boston is about 6.5 pounds and basically out of preemie-sized clothing (sniff sniff). Thanks to everyone who has brought or sent cute little outfits for him to wear.  I will always treasure them.

People ask who I think Boston looks like.  I think he is basically baby Nixon with bug eyes.  Both of our older kids looked like little Asian babies when they were born, but Boston definitely does not have almond eyes.  Sometimes he goes cross eyed.  It’s funny.

I can’t wait for our little baby chunk to come home so I can smooch and pinch and snuggle him all day.  But first I guess I should clean the house, get his clothes ready, sew a bassinet mattress to fit in the laundry basket (why not?) and panic and freak out a little.

I hope people will be understanding as we’ll probably be a little overprotective about our little baby man through flu season.  I know I’ll be checking on him 500 times a night to make sure he’s breathing and we may have to put a little pause on the play dates with friends until sniffle season is over.  Ava’s already bringing all sorts of lovely germs home from school, so that’s nice.

People wonder how Nixon is going to handle having a little brother at home, but I think he is going to love it.  A few months ago Nixon was acting POSSESSED and screaming and throwing himself on the floor all the time and clinging to me, but he is actually a pretty well-adjusted little toddler these days and has gotten used to me being glued to a breast pump half the day, and he knows he can sometimes play iPhone games when I’m busy or he happily drives his cars all over the couch or the playroom or skips into friends houses to play and just blows me a kiss, waves, and yells “Bye Mom!” without a second thought.  So I’m not worried a bit.  Ava, on the other hand, got to hold Boston a couple of weeks ago, and after a few seconds of happy giggling declared that her brother smelled funny and she would like someone else to hold him.  So there’s that.

Thank you to all of out wonderful neighbors who have been babysitting for us.  I’m sure you all are just as anxious as we are for Boston to come home 😉