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Yes, I am the worst at titling personal blog posts.

I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately.  I have physically felt like absolute crap for the last several months after the miscarriage, getting pregnant again, and getting every virus that’s been going around our neighborhood. I haven’t had any morning-sickness-related vomiting during this pregnancy, but I have had the stomach flu, then something that seemed more like food poisoning (I did eat a pretty rare steak), and then got sick again a few nights later. I know, I know, you are playing the world’s tiniest violin between your fingers.  It’s not that bad.

I’m slightly worried, though, that we keep getting sick because of mold in our house.  I went downstairs to get Nixon up from his nap the other day and noticed that there was water in the corner of his room.  I looked into the adjacent bathroom that we never use and noticed that the wall next to Nixon’s room had water damage and BLACK FREAKING MOLD creeping into the ceiling.  So I texted Nick about it and started bawling and hyperventilating because that was just too much on top of all the medical bills and taxes we owe and other stresses lately.

Luckily I have a husband who works INSANELY hard.  He came home that night and ripped the baseboard off the wall in the upstairs bathroom that is basically rotting because the kids keep splashing water during bath time, and sure enough the subfloor underneath was soaked and rotting.  So Nick ripped up the ENTIRE FLOOR over the next two days all by himself.  That was when I started throwing up — I SWEAR it was because of the smell — and the next day he had to have me come pick him up from work because he was dizzy and puking.  The kids seem fine and I think it’s either food poisoning or another virus or maybe Nick was just getting another one of his vertigo spells that he gets sometimes, but please, guys, don’t tell me about how scary mold can be and that we’re all going to die or mold poisoning or cancer or whatever because I DON’T WANT TO KNOW.  I will die from a panic attack before the mold kills me.

Anyway, of course Nick kept working on ripping up the bathroom Friday night after he had been feeling horrible, and then Brady and Ashley came over with the boys and Nick and Brady tiled the bathroom in about four hours. We still have to grout it and put up baseboards but man it’s going to be purdy when it’s done. I’ve actually been lusting after these faux-wood tiles for ages. Now I want to do the rest of the house with them, but we’re finishing the back yard now.

After Brady and Ashley went home Nick went straight outside and started working on the fence.  He finished the section he’s been working on, but not before he drilled through his finger.  He cam inside, had me wrap it up, and went right back outside and finished.  He is JUST like his mother.  Once he is on a roll with getting things done around the house, there is no stopping him. Sometimes it drives me crazy (like when he starts a project right before dinner time and then he won’t come eat with us — stinker) but man I can not believe what a hard worker he is, and he really doesn’t complain at all.  I’m so grateful for him.  He seriously works so dang hard at work and around the house, and he has been so supportive through this pregnancy and he’s been so cute with the kids lately. And even though a lot of stressful things have happened lately, all those things have ended up being resolved.

I know of a family who is going though some extremely trying times right now, and I’ve been following the family’s blog.  The mother of this family mentioned that she believes that if they endure these trials well, they will be blessed and be better people at the end.  I know I’ve been a pretty huge grump over the last several months — years, even, but as I look back I realize that all the things I have been through have ended up being OK and are now even better than they were before things got hard.  I have been so, so blessed. I hope that I can endure future trials with a better attitude and that I can let those things make me a better person.

I can’t wait for our yard to be finished! I’m soon scared to try to grow a garden because I have already killed an unspeakable number of houseplants over the last few months, but man I can’t wait until our sandbox is done!  Nixon is OBSESSED with dirt and will just live out in the back yard all summer long.  Ever since Nick tilled up the back yard Nixon and Ava just sit out there in the dirt and put the Tonka trucks around.   Ava is such a girl — she loves pink and purple things, dolls, sparkles, and dancing and prancing around the house like a little diva.  Nixon is all boy — he loves cars, dirt, and roars and growls all the time.  It’s so funny to me — I always thought girls and boys liked dolls and dresses or cars and dirt because their parents pushed it all on them. It’s so fun having both a boy and a girl.  I think this next one is going to be a boy — at my 14-week ultrasound they said it might be, although it was a super big maybe. If it ends up being a girl I will be pretty shocked and Ava will be ELATED. I keep telling her it’s probably a boy but she doesn’t want to hear it.  Poor kid.

Also, Intermountain Health wiped a huge chunk of our medical bills away, so now I feel dumb. Things work out!



Carter’s Sale: Cute Baby, Toddler, and Big Kid Outfits

Everything at Carter’s is 50% off, and I used the code OKSP1514 to get 25% off of most of the items on my order since I spent more than $40.  Check out Retail Me Not for other codes if you’re spending less — you should be able to save at least 15%.  You won’t get the extra discount on certain items, like the $5 tees and shorts, but on most other things 25% off is fab.

I got Nixon some very cute swim trunks and a rash guard, and lots of mix-and-match shirts and shorts (6 shirts and 4 pairs of shorts) for less than 80 bucks.  That’s about $7 an item including shipping, and I do not like to spend more than that on clothes for little kids!

Luckily Nixon is sort of at that size where he fits into both 24 month or 2T, both of which should technically fit any kid who is about 29-30 pounds.  This was nice because if something was sold out in 2T I could buy it in 24m, and really I bought everything I could in 24m because it’s a buck or two cheaper that way.

The prices I’m listing below are approximate since prices vary between sizes and since these prices are AFTER I used my coupon code, which, like I said, didn’t apply to certain items like the $5 shorts and tees.

Summer Baby Toddler Boy Outfits

Striped Tee – $5: baby | toddler | big boy

Printed Button-Front Shirt – $8.75: baby | toddler | big boy

Shark Rashguard, $9: baby | toddler | big boy

Striped Swim Trunks, $9: baby | big boy

Beach Patrol Tee – $5: baby | toddler | big boy

Striped Button-Front Shirt – $7.50: baby | toddler | big boy

Bug Tee – $5: baby | toddler | big boy

Boats Tee – $5 baby | toddler | big boy

Terry Shorts, (Blue / Navy / Gray / Black / Camo) – $5: baby | toddler | big boy

Coral Canvas Shorts, – $6.75: baby | toddler | big boy

Blue Pinstripe Canvas Shorts – $6.75: baby | toddler | big boy


The 50% off sale ends Monday, so go get some cute clothes for your cute little boys!