Seester Night

Mel and I went to Broods last night. I’m obsessed with them so I was beyond excited and gushing like a teenager the whole night.  When I grow up I want to be Georgia Nott. Except I will wear shirts. Her abs did motivate me to go to the gym this morning though.



We look like Jennifer Lawrence in X-men.




I’ve been extremely frustrated with life lately for no apparent reason (well, maybe one that I’ll write about later) so since Nick was working for a bit Saturday morning and then wanted to go to the golf show to spend his birthday money and then go play 9 holes with Hadley, I told him I would get a babysitter so I could go to a baby shower that afternoon.  The shower wasn’t until 2 so I had her come at 11 when Nix went down for a nap so I could go blow off some steam at Target.  Sometimes moms need a time out, even if it just means running errands with no kids. We all know this, but I forget.  Lately I have been trying to get up a little earlier and shower and put actual clothes on instead of sweatpants, and do my hair and stuff and it does make a difference. Nixon seemed a lot cuter when I got home and his tantrums have been much more bearable.

Target though.  Eek. Sometimes I just put everything I wish I could buy in my cart and look at it for a while and pretend I own it and then I talk myself out of most of the things and put them back until I’m spending a somewhat reasonable amount of money. But I did want more matching towels for the bathroom and I got some really cute concrete planters for succulents.  My justification is that when the house looks cuter I’m probably much more motivated to keep things clean (false). Anyway, I told Nick I would probably only spend $40 (also false) so I only got a few planters and the towels.  But pretty plants around the house are healthy and I think they make me sort of happy.  I haven’t bought the plants yet.  Killed the last round. I’m really excited though because I have been searching for these really cute planters I found on Pinterest (duh) but couldn’t find them online and dude. Target dude. Never go to Target, because Target will always have everything you have ever wanted and things you never knew you wanted, like neon-colored pencils and pink-and-gold notebooks and candle lanterns and white-and-gold bunny cookie jars and kids’ gardening tools.  I mean I might have buy the kids some for Easter though.

The baby shower was fun, too. I had been working on crocheting a pink baby blanket and it was a good size so I just tied it off and wrapped it up.  Crocheting is fun and so doable thanks to YouTube. And also thanks to Netflix.

Anyway, here are the planters I loved on Pinterest. Cutest babies!!!!!!

tiered rope planters


The ones at Target are pretty similar. I have no idea where I’m going to put them yet in the house but I’m super excited.

I forgot to write in previous posts that Ava did indoor soccer in January.  I think she enjoyed it but she wasn’t super into it.  I realized if we’re going to put her in sports we need to practice with her at home.  I think she’d really enjoy dance classes.

The kids are always good for laughs.  I found Ava an adorable new alphabet book at Costco ($10 instead of $19, yes please), and I had her looking at it while the sacrament was being passed in church to keep her entertained. Bad idea. She burst into giggles and shouted “U is for UNDERPANTS!” which had everyone around us giggling.  Mostly they were newly-married couples, so maybe now they think kids are hilarious and they should start making babies.  That’s what I’m telling myself.  The funny thing was that the super-cool Young Women president Caitlin Connolly got such a kick out of it that she decided to call me to be her new Laurel advisor! So I get to help teach the 16/17-year-old girls on Sundays with Caitlin.  I have only talked to her a couple of times but I’m really excited to get to know her better and work with the Young Women.  My patriarchal blessing says I’ll get lots of opportunities to work with the youth of the church, and already I’ve taught primary, served in the Young Women with the Mia Maids, and taught Sunday School to high school kids with Nick, and now I’m in with the Young Women again! It’s good timing because Nixon made it through nursery yesterday without too much crying, and it will be a good opportunity for Nick to help out with the kids a little more too.  Nick has been really great about helping get the kids to bed since I’ve been sick lately and the last few nights Nixon has let Nick take him to bed without a fuss which is AWESOME.  Seriously watching Nick do things with the kids is my favorite thing in the world. Like it makes me 100 times happier than Pinterest.

Also we found out we are going with Nick’s family to Maui again in May!  We are taking the kids this time and I can’t wait!  Ava just asked me if she can get a pretzel at the airport again like we did last time.  Last time was almost two years ago.  The things kids remember . . .

Also I think I’m going to try this easy soft pretzel recipe today.  And THEN I will start going to the gym so I have a cute bum for summer and Hawaii . . . I plan on LIVING at the Provo rec center pool this summer!

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Have a Laugh

Laughing is just kind of the best.  So here are a few things I found on Pinterest that made me chuckle.

1. Have you met Phteven?! Heeth the betht.


2. All the face swaps.3ea8cbe083785d4399633c0c8d09ceee

3. English is fun.



4. Phone / ADD problems:f57001d041ed993850a09a87d76398e5


5. This one’s for you, Mom:b0ea2558bf08946abf7b658a939ae4c4

6. I have nothing to say about this one except BAHAHAHAHAHA.4e64106a410b2608bebdd3953ef0a394

7. Why? Why can’t I stop laughing?c46e6cffc4bd0dda7db044c27e038885

8. Oh dear.0fe00e76c428a20581f943bb5ca7ab98

9. Yep.ab0ffa8d7f566702cdb4c782e903187d

10. I’m so old.bcea0b1ed05c96d5a43359838a1e5af3

BONUS: This blog post, and the second comment on it.  I was a little delirious when I read this and laughed so hard I cried.  I was reading it to Nick between laugh sobs.

Winter 2014-15

I typed this up before my last post, but my blog insists on posting it AFTER the last post, even though this is an update about things happening BEFORE that time period.  So sorry for the confusion and disorganization.

September and October were sad as we said goodbye to Nick’s mom and attended her funeral.  It’s very strange for someone to be here and then be gone.  I’ve really never experienced that in my life except with great grandparents and with my grandpa who I only met a handful of times.  This is really strange and Nick is just dealing with it.  He’s not an emotional person but I know this is very hard for him not to be able to call his mom up to chat.

In November we had a hard time with me being sick and pregnant and not wanting to do much around the house.  It was very frustrating for Nick and his being frustrated was extremely frustrating for me.  I went to the doctor the day before Thanksgiving and found out that my pregnancy had stopped.  Doctor Jones also discovered that I was carrying twins.  This was obviously extremely heartbreaking.  I’ve seriously always wanted twins.  I think that Heavenly Father was willing to give me twins because it was something I’ve always wanted, but he took them away because I needed to learn to be more grateful for the opportunity I have to bring children into this world.  It made me realize how aware and involved God is when it comes to my life and the whole experience has just made me more grateful that I’ve been able to have two children so easily and that we got a boy and a girl right off the bat.  If I didn’t already have a daughter and a son this would have been a much more difficult experience.  I still cry about the twins and dream about decorating their room and watching them run around causing trouble, but it’s OK.  I feel grateful that Heavenly Father showed me that I’m strong and can deal with hard things like that.  I think that going this has prepared me to be able to deal with harder things that may happen down the road — whether we lose a baby later in the pregnancy or shortly after birth or whatnot.  Of course I shouldn’t think morbid things like that but I feel like I’m stronger and more able to deal with something like that because of the experiences I’ve had lately.

Luckily the doctors were awesome and got my surgery scheduled for me that day so we got the babies out and I was able to somewhat enjoy Thanksgiving the next day and our Hawaii vacation the next week.  Nick and I went with his Dad and his brother Taylor and his wife Koy and the three kids.  It was a hard trip for Don without Paula there.  I still can’t believe my parents took our kids for ten days but it was glorious.  I just sat on my bum and read Anna Karenina on the beach and we went for walks holding hands and ate amazing food every night and I went running on the beach a couple of times and listened to Broods and Ellie Goulding.  That is a big deal because as a mom I basically NEVER get to sit around with headphones in while soaking up the sun.  Like ever. FaceTiming with Ava was so dreamy though.  Hearing her voice made my day every time I got to talk to her.  She’s such a cute little chatterbox.

Christmas was pretty good.  We spoiled our kids way too much though.  The amount of toys they posses is insane and Ava keeps asking for MORE.  So I’m going to get rid of a lot of things.  I want my kids to just have a few toys and trinkets, because I know they will be more precious to them.  If we keep buying them tons of things they’ll get bored faster and not appreciate those things as much.  I’m glad my parents didn’t spoil us too much as kids.  My dad told us even if he had buckets of money he wouldn’t buy us more things because he didn’t want to spoil us.  I know that’s helped me as an adult because I really appreciate little things like a new pair of jeans here and there.  I’m not saying I don’t have a Target shopping problem but I appreciate the things I have and even though it’s easy to want more I know I’m really blessed.  It’s fun to just sit and count your blessings sometimes and realize how lucky you are.  It’s also fun to pin 8.5K things on Pinterest (guilty) but that is a problem we will address another day.

The week before Christmas we sold Zoe on KSL 🙁 It was so so sad and Nick sulked for at least three days about it and nearly cried every time he had to go into the garage to turn off the Christmas lights and she wasn’t there sleeping in her crate.  Her picture is still on the wall in the living room next to the kids.  She was such a cute pup but it was just an unreasonable amount of work for me to handle all day with her jumping and running and knocking Nixon over and stealing donuts right out of Nixon’s hand and tracking poop through the house and onto my beloved couches. Nixon used to bring books to me to read to him all the time and we had to hide all the books from the dog.  That was a big deal to me because I LOVE reading to my kids. Basically the dog had taken over my life and I lost it.  I’m still a little mad that Nick wasn’t a little more understanding about it but I’ve finally come to the conclusion that husbands are just NEVER going to understand how hard it is to be a stay at home mom. I suppose I probably don’t understand the stresses he faces at work and in supporting a family and he really doesn’t complain about it at all.  I just shouldn’t have said yes to the dog when I knew I couldn’t do it.  We miss Zoe and sometimes Nixon looks out into the backyard and says, “Mama, puppy’s bye-bye?” and it breaks my heart a little but I think she’s in a really good home where she’s loved and she’ll have fun camping and fishing and hanging out with the new owners’ grown kids’ dogs and stuff. She was a really sweet dog but I’m glad to have time for the kids.

Nick and I have gone on a few dates to BYU basketball games and dinner and movies lately.  Our babysitter June is awesome and Ava adores her.  She even does our dishes when I forget to do them before she comes, which is always.

Being a mom has been difficult lately.  I don’t know if it’s the winter or that I’ve been too sick to work out lately or if it’s just Nixon’s tantrums and clinginess or my guilt about not having prepared Ava for Kindergarten better or my guilt about how much television the kids watch or what, but I’m just in a rut.  Really I get in a rut every winter.  I probably should get a light box or get on some antidepressants at least in the winter or something. Exercising and showering and dressing nice and doing my hair pretty and having a clean house really help me feel better.  But getting the kids ready to go to the gym with me or trying to work out with the kids around is EXHAUSTING for me on so many levels, and getting out of my pajamas just sort of makes it to the bottom of my priority list when there are closets to be organized.  Those closets never get organized though, because I look at them and start having a mini panic attack.  So I took up crocheting.  I forgot to take a picture of the blanket I made for my friend Rachel who lives down the street.  She just had a baby boy.

Lately Nixon walks up to me every 30 minutes or so, grabs my hand, and says “‘mere, Mama” (come here).  It’s adorable.  But it drives me crazy.  Summer can’t come soon enough.  I want to build a sandbox (correction, I want Nick to build a sandbox) in the backyard.  There have been some nice sunny days lately and Nix goes in the yard and just plays in the dirt and ruins his clothes.  He’s such a boy.  He drives his little cars all over the house all day long.  And throws a lot of tantrums, did I mention the tantrums?  The only time he is happy is outside or when he’s taking a bath.  Otherwise he has a permanent pouty lip while saying, “Mama, I wah show.”  He and Ava have been pretty cute and chasing each other around the house lately though.  Sometimes they will be acting so silly and Nick and I will look at each other and smile.  That and watching Nick play with the kids are probably the two things that make me the most happy.  When Nick chases and tickles the kids or reads stories to them and helps get them ready for bed, I remember how good I have it and everything just seems OK again.  I’m sure lucky.

Nick is 30!

I’m really going to start updating regularly.  I’m so sad that I haven’t been documenting all the funny things Ava says and the new words Nixon is saying, but there’s no better possible time to start than now.

Here’s a small update on the lot of us:

Nixon: Saying/ slurring lots of new words all the time.  My favorite is yes, pronounced “a-syess!” Last night I made (frozen) orange chicken for dinner and he demolished the rice. He’s a pretty picky eater and it always pulling me off the couch, grabbing my hand and saying “‘mere, Mama” and taking me to the fridge, where he stares and doesn’t seem to want much.  Food-wise he can at least say “apple,” “‘nana,” “cackars,” and “cake” (which usually either means bread or ice cream). A few weeks ago he discovered where the ice cream was and was constantly starting by the freezer and pulling on the handle crying “caaaaake!”  Nixon has also liked tagging along with Ava to joy school lately.  The other moms all have 2-year olds so we just decided to let them be part of school so we get a break when it’s not our turn to teach.  The first time he went he got really excited to get ready to go and then just walked in the door as soon as it opened.    You can bet I bolted immediately before he could change his mind.  The next time he actually turned around and waved, pointed at me, and said, “No. Bye Mama.” and waved goodbye.  He also has loved playing at his friend Claire’s house when I have had doctor appointments.  Nursery is still a big no-go though.  Usually we just bring him home early from church to nap.  He is a big copycat and if his sister is getting into trouble, you can bet he’s close behind.  He is a huge tantrum thrower and can usually be seen with his bottom lip out, whimpering.  Ah, Nixon, good thing you’re so dang cute, Buddy.  Nixon is OBSESSED with cars and sometimes takes Lightening McQueen or Thomas the Train to bed with him.  He also loves going outside to play in the dirt, and he loves playing in the water.  Can’t wait for summer so we can go to the pool every day!

Ava is a sassy little smarty pants as usual.  She is growing like a weed and is just about out of toddler clothes (sob).  I just ordered some size 11 sandals from Old Navy from her and when they came I was like, crap, these are gigantic, maybe they’ll fit next summer.  Then I went to put them on her and they were almost too small.  Her shoes all look so enormous to me and while it makes me a little sad it’s sure fun to see her learning and growing.  She has an ever-growing list of toys she wants and that she asks for in her prayers.  We have certainly learned our lesson about spoiling our children with too many toys and gifts.  I’m trying to think of jobs she can do around the house to earn money.  Having her put clothes on hangers for me was not as successful as I’d hoped, but she did help me load the dishwasher the other night. I remember that a general authority of the church once said that even though jobs usually take much longer when you have the children help, it’s so important to have them working around the house so they can have a habit of cleanliness and hard work as they grow older. Ava is very strong-willed and I’m a pretty big pushover so we are having to work at being stricter with her.  She is starting to write letters and surprised my mom and me when she suddenly wrote her name for Grandma at church a couple of weeks ago.  I had never even seen her do it really!  Little kid letters are so cute.  I’m trying to use time on the TV or playing games on my phone as bribery for doing learning time.  I love getting to sit down with her a few minutes every day to draw or paint.  She draws the most adorable monster families.  I love that they always have to be families.  A few weeks ago we were having some dinner table battles and suddenly Ava said, “Guys.  What do baby corns call their Dads?” to which we said, “Huh? What?” and she said, “Popcorn!” I don’t know where she heard that one but man we laughed.  Ava cut her lip open on the coffee table in January and had to go to the ER. She was so, so tough and held still while they gave her a numbing shot and stiched her up.  I think she thought it was kind of cool.  She likes going to the dentist and the doctor, thanks to me brainwashing her with plenty of shows like “Daniel Tiger Goes to the Doctor” and getting her a doctor kit.  She always remembers that she gets a prize after the dentist and that they have cool toys in the waiting room.  That girl can probably remember every toy she has played with at every place she has been to in her life. Toys are her love language.

Nick turned 30 on February 23.  Unfortunately the other three of us were sick so we didn’t celebrate until last night, a week later.  We really just took the cake out of the freezer and he blew out his candles.  Poor guy.  I got him the new Imagine Dragons CD and told him he can buy himself the rest of his birthday presents since he wants very specific golf-related items.  Nick has been a champ at dealing with a lot of changes at work and man does he work hard.  He is one of the top sales reps on the floor and I’m just so dang proud of him for being a hard worker and not complaining about the demands of supporting a family.  It’s a big load to bear but he is such a great provider.  We are so lucky to have him.  Nixon has really been warming up to him more and more lately and likes to watch him drive away to work in his truck.  Nixon lights up when Nick gets home from work. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Nick be a good dad with the kids.  Seeing him chase and tickle them or read to them and help them get ready for bed makes everything OK in my world and I feel so much joy.  Nick took me to a BYU basketball game the other night and it was really fun.  I love my dates with that guy, even if they typically end up at the car dealership by the end of the evening. I wonder where Nixon gets his car obsession.

I crocheted a blanket for my sweet friend Rachel who lives down the street.  She just had her baby boy five weeks early and just two days after her baby shower, so I finished that sucker just in time!  I forgot to take a picture of it.  Oh well. It’s fun to be creative and learn how to do new things.  I really want to deck out a doll house for Ava but I can’t convince Nick to build me one yet.  I’m writing weekly posts for Instafluence, which I like doing. Other than that, I’m struggling a bit with motherhood but I know I just need to take a little more time for myself so I can have the energy to give my kids and husband what they need. I can’t seem to keep up with the house and the organizing projects are never-ending and overwhelming. Typically I open a closet to organize, and I take one look at it and go, nope, and close the door before I start having a panic attack. It’s hard to be a good mom when you don’t feel good, and I haven’t felt great health-wise lately but hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon. I need to shower, wear cute clothes instead of pajamas, exercise, and get out and do things I like from time to time.  Sometimes just going to the grocery store by myself is a nice little vacation.  I want to start reading again, too.  I have a nice stack of unfinished books I need to get back to.  I’m still not hating my haircut that Cailie gave me in October!  It’s so much more manageable at it has already grown a lot!  It’s fun to do it kind of wavy and it’s still long enough for a top knot.

We’re so excited for spring to come so we can start working on our landscaping!  Nick has wanted to build a fire pit for so long and I’m looking forward to a sand box for the kids.  We may even do a putting green along the side of the house in the back yard.  The other day at the golf store Ava was loving hitting balls around with a pink putter so I think it will be a smashing success!

I’m so grateful for the good people in out neighborhood.  They have been such great examples to me and their willingness to serve is remarkable.  I’ve learned a lot from my sweet neighbors and I’m so grateful for the gospel and how Christ has taught us to serve so selflessly and tirelessly. I’m so lucky to have so many great examples in my life, especially in Nick, who never stops serving and doesn’t complain about all the hard work he does for us.