Small Update

Nick’s mother passed away. Thank you to everyone who has asked how Nick is doing and offered their support. He is doing well so far and I’m sure it will get harder for a while as the holidays and months and years come and go, but luckily we had a bit of a transition period as Paula became more and more sick, so it wasn’t that huge shock when she passed.  For what it is, God has shown many tender mercies and as we look back over all the blessings that have happened over the last couple of years it’s very clear to see that God’s hand has been in everything from the beginning.

The funeral was beautiful.  I think my favorite part of the service — other than the beautiful family prayer offered by Nick’s brother Taylor — was something Nick said when he spoke in the service: he joked that maybe the reason his mother was always so busy getting so many things done was because our Heavenly Father put that drive in her because He knew she only had 66 years to live.  I hadn’t thought of that and I just thought it was so interesting to think about.  That woman got a lot done and she didn’t waste one minute of her life.  The last time we had a visit with her before the cancer really took over, she took us to Macy’s and bought the kids a couple of outfits and some other gifts.  She was exhausted afterward but she really wanted to do that.  I’ve learned so much from my sweet mother-in-law and I’m just so grateful to have had her to complement the wonderful example of my own mother.  Heavenly Father really places just the right people in our lives to teach us just what we need to learn.