Recently Nick’s coworker lost his wife.  Her funeral was beautiful; she was clearly a wonderful mother and wife that will be missed.  Her husband talked about their last few wonderful days together before her accidental death.  He described her laughing and playing with the kids.

Before this tragedy happened someone giving a talk in church mentioned how the deaths of others help us remember what life is all about. And I’ve sure been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Throughout my life I’ve often been prompted to think about what people might say at my funeral if I died suddenly.  That sure gets me thinking about all the things I need to change and my priorities change a lot when I think that way.

On my computer I have a mission statement for my life that I go back and read frequently.  It reminds me that at the end of my life I want to have accomplished things like having a happy family and loving, responsible children. It reminds me that I want my children to have had a mother who made a beautiful house of order for them to live in . . . but I also want them to have had a mother who dropped everything to listen and help and love and read and laugh.  I don’t want to be the mom who never had time for my kids because I was trying to get the house looking a certain way or who was always grumbling that I don’t get to do this and that anymore because of the kids.

Having this kind of a mission statement and thinking about how I want to be remembered helps me a lot.  And really it just makes me want to be a happy, smiling, loving, kind, positive, patient person. I especially want my family to remember me this way but I want everyone I meet to remember me this way too.  I don’t want to get so caught up in unimportant things like MYSELF and makeup and trivial things that when I die all my family can really think of to say is, “well, sometimes she was in a good mood, and she got pretty good grades sometimes in school, and she made some cute babies that seemed to like her OK and she seemed to put up with them somewhat.”  Because that’s kind of where we are right now.

Be gracious.  Invite light into your life every day and eliminate the things that are bringing in darkness.  You know what those things are, and those dark things affect you more than you realize.  Give up a sleazy TV show, give up time-wasting pursuits and habits.  Make a list of things that brings smiles and laughter and beauty and light into your life and into your soul and into your home and your family, and you will be happier!

I’m really becoming a sloppy rambly writer.  I don’t care too much at the moment.  Thanks for reading my mind vomit.