Summer Picnic Picks: Star Wars Shirts! Books! Glasses! Oh My!

I love Star Wars.  I grew up watching it in my grandparents’ basement with my dad and uncles — I mean, didn’t we all?

Well, not all of us.  Nick REFUSES to watch it to this day. I plan on using this to my advantage.  Like if he loses a bet, I’ll make him watch Star Wars.  Or, better yet, next time he wants to buy something ridiculous or make me watch the movie Tin Cup FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, I’ll tell him he’s got a deal if he watches Star Wars with me first.

Anyway.  I don’t know how I can live without this amazing Star Wars shirt (below).  I’m also trying to read a lot more, and for the last couple of months I’ve been eying record players (my parents had one and us kids set all our action figures on it and watched them ride around and around). And I’m still in love with Broods (go listen!).

GeekyEyes Summer Picnic Picks


Star Wars “Welcome to Tatooine” shirt / 1984 by George Orwell / Lila by Marilynne Robinson (preorder) / clear wayfarer sunglasses / tribal blanket bag / plus sign sweater blanketCrosely portable turntable / Broods EP vinyl

Hope y’all are having a great summer!




My Favorite Summer Target Outfit For Ava

We drove to California for the weekend and Ava got car sick.  Like so, so, so much car sick.  Like gallons of throw up, all over her brand new car seat. Poor thing.

And I’m not the stingiest person in the world, so even through I had every intention of rinsing her clothes out and washing them when we got to Nick’s parents’ house (we were only an hour away), I ended up just throwing them away when we got to the gas station.  I was clogging the sink drain with the barf chunks and I can handle being in a gas station restroom for no longer than I can hold my breath.

So much throw up, guys. So much.

So anyway, I barely packed enough clothes for the trip and knew we probably wouldn’t do laundry while we were there, so when I ran into Target to buy more baby wipes (we used like 48 wipes cleaning Ava and her car seat), I grabbed her an $8 skirt and an $8 top.  I love flutter sleeve tops for little girls and scooter skirts are also a great wardrobe staple. I wanted to buy ever color of that top, but I refrained. So we have made some progress in the Target-impulse-buying department.

Anyway.  Go buy this outfit for your daughter, or your niece, or somebody.  I tucked the shirt into the skirt with Aves and I just wanted to eat her up.

Target also has fashion glasses for little girls. Why not. I wanted to get Ava some tortoise-print ones, but of course she wanted the pink polka dot glasses. I’m still obsessed with my wayfarer frames that I have in black ($10, Amazon Prime) and in red ($5, free shipping, lots of other colors) which serve no purpose other than fulfilling my need to be a geek.

Also.  Next time you take kids on a road trip, buy Dramamine.  We gave her some just before we left to drive home, and we weren’t even on the freeway before she fell asleep mid-conversation and halfway through eating a cookie.  That is unusual, my friends.

Dramamine. Don’t forget.

My Kids Are Netflix Addicts

Parenting is overwhelming. There are so many things I want to teach my children and even though I have a few years to do it I have a lot of anxiety over it.  I don’t want to be to strict and controlling but I know I’m very often far to lenient with my kids and I’m a HUGE pushover to the point that my kids often get Oreos and television just so they’ll shut up and leave me alone, often while I myself go hide in the hall to eat Oreos and Pin things.

I have well over 7,000 Pins on Pinterest, soooo…

Anyway.  I woke up determined that my children will not be greedy, entitled, ignorant, unhealthy individuals.

I didn’t exactly teach them the food pyramid or put them through boot camp, but I at least got them away from the TV a little more than usual, which is usually almost never.

Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse | GeekyEyes

@jessjesswalters on Instagram

I found a tutorial for this collapsible cardboard box playhouse (SOMETIMES I do things I find on Pinterest), and we still had the box from our new water heater (which Nick installed by himself which saved us like $400, yay husband YAY I love you). So after a few cuts and a lot of duct tape and QUITE a lot of swearing, I laid a couple blankets on the floor inside it and the kids had a play house that I can just fold up and hide in the garage whenever I want it out of my sight.

So progress. We spent some time outside this morning because it wasn’t too hot, and then we ate eggs and watched some shows, and then they played in the playhouse and had a couple Oreos and we read books (Nixon actually brings me book after book while Ava slowly turns into a TV zombie, and Ava watched a show or two while chowing down on baby carrots while Nix napped, and then we’ll probably paint and/or go to the museum with some friends. Then the kids will read more and go to bed and I will drink lots of diet Coke and have my own Netflix marathon.  So therein lies the root of the problem.

Happy Hump Day

Tunes, videos, laughs, pretties.

1. Have you SEEN Zach King‘s Vines?! This kid has MAGIC editing skills. He was on Ellen.

2. Just try and not dance along with Kate Hansen in this video by Millennial Youth Pirates.  I wrote a post about the video on Provo Buzz yesterday. It was filmed in Provo!

2. “Bridges,” “Never Gonna Change” and “Pretty Thing,” by Broods.

3. Need a laugh? See this and this. Also — I should have had this poster in my room as a teenager. Also, this article Clint wrote had me dying of laughter.

4. Not that I’m starting a Christmas list for myself or anything, but if anyone wanted to know, I’d like this rug and this blanket and this table.

5. Definitely making this for our puppy this winter. Crap, I’ll probably spend the next half hour looking at dog sweaters on Pinterest.  But seriously! This one! And this! And this dog sweater crochet pattern!

6. Summary of every episode of The Walking Dead. Still laughing.

Every Episode of The Walking Dead

7. I’m going to make this with all my unused fabric.

8. If you haven’t already seen the “I’m a Mormon” videos of Elaine Bradley and Brandon Flowers, they’re worth a watch.

9. I love water slides!!!!!!!! Except I’m kind of scared of them only because once when I was like ten we went to Seven Peaks and the slide I went on was so fast that water shot up my bum and was leaking back out for what felt like the next hour and I was 100 percent convinced I was having diarrhea in my swimsuit and that it was just leaking out while the world watched in horror. Thank goodness that was not the case.

10. Running with headphones should really always be on my Top Ten lists. Few things feel better.

Happiest of Wednesdays to you.






So on Saturday I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars, pinned  ecards on Pinterest, and read Jennifer Lawrence quotes and .gifs.  And that is all.  Soooooo I think it’s time to get a life and be a mom.

I’ve been trying to think again of things for Nick and I to do together since we pretty much just sit on our phones and watch episode after episode of Property Brothers.   And being fat and lazy and boring gets old.

Anyway, something we did earlier in our marriage was think of four categories of things to do — things that generate endorphins, basically.  The theory is that if you do endorphin-boosting things with other people, it tricks your brain into thinking that you like being with that person.  I’m kind of kidding.  But really.  It’s important to do fun things as a family, AND by yourself as well.

So the four categories are:

I. Active things to do by yourself

II. Active things to do with others

III. Non-active things to do by yourself (like when you’re sick)

IV. Non-active things to do with others

So here are some of mine.

I. Running / lifting weights / general working out (all with headphones), dancing to crazy music in my room, swimming, jumping over/onto the couch.

II. Wrestling, tickling, pillow fights, active XBOX games, trampoline, water slides with the kids, roller coasters.  I hate any kind of sports sooooo…

III. Driving around by myself, getting a spray tan, showering and scrubbing the crap out of my skin, getting a mani/pedi, brushing my teeth, wearing cute clothes, eating Costa Vida pork salad.

IV. Live comedy shows, funny board games, slapping card games, laughing in general, concerts, boat rides at the lake, making out, Hawaii, Park City.

Make a list of your favorite things like this and try to do lots of them this week. Yay for being HAPPY!!!!!

Everything is Happy

I lists of things like these:

1. Ellie Goulding’s Instagram feed.  Because this caption says “Huzaaaah we found a poppy field”.

Instagram Photo

2. Whyyyyy is this making me laugh so much?!


3. Elizabeth Olsen’s hair.

Elizabeth Olsen's Hair | Pinterest

Photo: Stylecaster Pictures

4. “The One That Got Away” by The Civil Wars. THE GUITARIST LOOKS LIKE JOHNNY DEPP, and that is all you need to know. Too bad they broke up.

5. Mistranslations.


6. The fact that I have some serious whiplash from dancing to Ellie Goulding in my room yesterday. I was having too much fun swinging my hair around. Dang it.

7. Black-and-white clothes and neon nail polish.

8. “Bridges” by Broods.  The video is a bit creepy and strange but it makes me like the song even more.

9. Watching “The Pursuit of Happyness” and realizing my life is really not one bit bad at all.

10. This shirt.