Posters and Stuff

I’ve been wanting some artwork to hang on the wall in my kitchen, and I saw a photo booth poster on Pinterest somebody made with their kids that I couldn’t resist replicating.  I’m in love.

I think I might redo it and put her hair in little Minnie Mouse buns and crop the photos closer to her face, but I still love how these ones turned out. Still experimenting. I’m sure there is an app that could do this extremely quickly, but I did it all in Pixelmator on my Mac.

Photo Booth Poster | GeekyEyes Blog

Love this little cheese face.

Photo Booth Poster Idea | GeekyEyes Blog

Little Happy Things

List time! List ten happy things today.  It will change your life.

1. Air conditioning. Our house was 83 degrees inside for THREE WEEKS, and I could feel my legs sweating under my pants. I would have just not worn pants, but we still don’t have blinds in our front window (it was that or the new air conditioning unit, I guess).  I don’t know what people really did before cars had air conditioning.  Probably died?

2. Pedicures.  I nearly died watching someone shave gobs of dead skin off my feet today at the nail salon, and I HATE people touching the bottoms of my feet, but I now feel like I am actually looking at my real naked feet.  I went with my dearest friend Cailie and it made my week.

3. Under-ten-dollar Target tees.

target vintage v-neck tee : women's


4. Water slides.  If you don’t have children, go to the pool with friends that do and take their kid down the slides all day while their mother lays out reading. And speaking of books:

5. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Sallinger. I have been reading this and crossing out all the swears (in case Ava ever wants to read it) and man there are a LOT of swears. Like really a lot. I love it but I don’t think it’s for everyone. It’s just super dry humor that’s barely even humor, but I really get out a bang out of it. I get it, J.D. — I really do.


6. Bonne Belle LipLites Cappuccino lip gloss. This has been my favorite lip color since junior high!!! Best color, best flavor, love love love.


6. Dirty Diet Coke. And pellet ice. But really, don’t drink soda. It’s terrible for you). Ooh, and virgin lava flows.

7. Poppies, peonies, and succulents (Oh, my!). I’m obsessed with big boxes oozing with assorted succulents.  I want to make something like THIS beauty (picture below from Etsy), using this tutorial, which I will my husband will probably make for you next Christmas, Dad.


8. Reading to my babies.  This book about three sisters that start a band melts my heart. I sure lucked out in the sister department.

be in a band

9. Making Ava laugh hysterically over this fart app. At bed time she says, “Just one more fart, Mom!”

10. These little farts.