Before You Try Pendant Lights

My poor husband.

I’ve spent months pinning pictures of kitchen pendant lights like it’s my job.

I had visions of this:

and this:

and this:

We really liked IKEA’s HEKTAR pendant lamps.  They’re really industrial-looking, and they also have matching smaller pendants, floor lamps, and wall/clamp spotlights.

HEKTAR Pendant Lamp, $69 | IKEA

They’re relatively pricey, though. I know similar ones at other stores would cost hundreds, but why spend even $70 on a light when you can only spend $20 (with your IKEA Family Member Card, which is free) on these?

FOTO Pendant Lamp | IKEA

I came home and installed the thing myself, because Nick has had enough projects around the house he’s working on and he gets annoyed when I start talking about furniture this and pendant lights that.  He was pretty shocked that I did it by myself, and that I managed not to burn the house down in the process (fortunately some neighbors that stopped by reminded me to turn the breaker off . . . so, yeah . . . ).

But really, who could go wrong with IKEA’s adorable instructions?

Anyway, I learned a lesson about pendant lights.  They make rooms look smaller and your ceilings look lower, which is definitely something we can’t afford in our cute little kitchen. Pendants focus light straight down, (which makes them great for putting over a dining table) which really made things feel small and cramped. It was weird.


I am happy with the 25-dollar high chair though 🙂 There is a cute hack for it at Dwellings By DeVore. I like how simple it is, though.

This week I’m hoping to be less psycho about cleaning and organizing and decorating, and just play with the nuggets.  This might mean waking up at 5 every morning to work out and work and shower and clean, but so be it. I shall return and report.



Housey Homey Happy Place

We bought a house 🙂

I love living in this cute little old Provo neighborhood.  The houses are so colorful and quirky and there’s so much to do in Provo.  Also, 10-minute commute for Nick! The Provo Library is a 3-minute drive, and the new temple is three blocks away.

Also.  My husband is awesome. I often take his handiness for granted, but garbage disposal broke about two days after we moved in, and then the hot water pilot light went out, and then the shower door needed to be caulked, and he fixed it all.  I am the luckiest woman ever.  I do hope to someday change a tire all by myself, but I’m glad he is so good at making sure things stay maintained.

I think it’s hard to experience a home without actually being in it, and photos are more for showing off decorating in my opinion . . . but here’s a quickie iPhone dump for now.

I knew Ava wouldn’t be too crazy about moving out of Dermah’s (Grandma’s) house, but we painted her room pink and she couldn’t be happier.