Felt Monster / Quiet Book Crafty-Craft

I only made one serious resolution for 2014: be better about birthdays.  I’m usually pretty terrible and can’t decide what to do for gifts, and then I procrastinate and don’t even end up sending a card.  My mother in law is the queen of birthday cards and never misses our birthdays, Mothers’/Fathers’ Day, or our wedding anniversary.  She always send a card and a check. She’s the best.

So anyway — as usual, I was stressing because I wanted to to something nice for my sweet nephew Christian, who is exactly one week older than Nixon, who will be 1 year this Saturday.  I figured there weren’t too many things I could buy that he doesn’t already have.

Pinterest. Duh.

I was browsing away while nursing Nixon before putting him to bed and came across some ideas for DIY quiet books . . .

. . . so, you know, why not.  I’m awesome. I can do that . . .

. . . and the felt monster quiet book was born.

My 3-year-old was obsessed with every page of this book. She didn’t want to part with the baby monsters (you can remove them from the train cars). This was surprisingly easy to make. I used felt, white thread (K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, Stupid), felt glue (maybe not the best idea for small pieces a baby could rip off and eat?), and polyfill. I didn’t really run into any problems while making this, but it was time consuming (15-20 hours, making my own patterns). Thank you babies for being so good.

Now I have to make one to keep my own kids quiet during church. Dang it.


Stuff I Found

I’ve nothing exceptionally inspiring to write at the moment, but not to worry — I have been on Pinterest! Here’s what I’m currently drooling over.

1 – “Exiles,” a short film written and produced by one of my favorite actresses, Troian Bellessario, does not disappoint. The 24-minute film’s story is an alternative ending to the Romeo and Juliet, asking the question, “What if the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was not that they died, but that they lived?” The film explores the all-too-real phenomenon of how painfully the romantic fairy dust settles after the honeymoon phase of marriage, when couples realize just how much they don’t really know each other.  It also explores how quickly puppy love disappears when real life takes over and the stresses of mere day-to-day survival overshadow everything else. The film does contain one use of the “F word,” and Troian is shown briefly in her underwear, so be advised.

2- Duh! Best book mark ever.

Geeky Gifts For Nerds, Nerdy Gifts For Geeks


3 – 40 Maps That Will Help You Understand The World!

The world divided into 7 regions, each with a population of 1 billion


4 – These little Salt-Water toddler girl sandals – worn with anything.  I mean, it’s almost Spring, sort of.


Source: Chelsea James

Source: Chelsea James

5 – Rich B**** Booties (Anthro)

Lace Shoes - Anthropologie

6 – Hair covetings of the day.




7 – Calligrapher Canape Plates (Anthro does it again!). My sweet mother bought me four of these for my birthday last month. I wish I could buy the whole set and leave them to my daughter.  They have actually gone UP in price since Christmas. Ah man.

8 – This quilt. Be still my heart.

9 – Clint’s Daddy blog.  I’m doing a guest post for Clint soon, but in the meantime please go read his blog.  I went to school with Clint at UVU, and he is absolutely one of the most hilarious and honest writers I know. He is also now contributing to the Huffington Post’s Parents blog, so yeah — he’s kind of a big deal.

10 – This shirt, dude.

My sister gave me this shirt on my birthday. I believe I Pinned it, but anyone in my family knows this phrase fits me like a glove — er, shirt. If were an English teacher I would have a mug with the same saying sitting on my desk (similar here).

11 – Gratitude.  No matter how bad life may seem one day, there are always so many things we can find, if we look for them, that are so good.  Each day we can find something good that happened, and I think as we begin to list these things every day we will realize just how much God really loves us and wants us to succeed and be happy. Our Heavenly Father is always mindful of us, our trials, our needs, and our hopes. That is something I’m being reminded of more and more — that God is mindful of me and that he loves me! Look for the tender mercies of the Lord in your life today.