Life-Changing Info

My favorite arch-nemesis Pinterest led me to a blog a few months ago that I shamelessly check daily for updates — and I don’t follow many blogs. I can count the blogs I follow on one hand: Weslie Christensen’s (although I think she is having too much fun being an awesome mom to update much lately), Chelsea James‘ (a painter that splits her time between Utah and India with her husband and three small children), and Dooce (I live for her funny-Tweets-of-the-week roundups) (also, does she not look EXACTLY like Lydia from Revenge?! Duh.). I’m staying away from the over-the-top excessive fashion blogs that make you feel subhuman for not wearing a $400 outfit that includes a new pair of shoes from Nordstrom every day of the week. BUT there is one blog that you need to read NOW: maskCARA !!!!

If you frequent Pinterest, you’ve likely heard of Cara Brook’s blog.  The woman won Allure’s Beauty Blogger of the Year award, and was featured in their October issue.  Her makeovers are insane.  What I love about her (other than the fact that she’s a Mormon) is that she emphasizes the need for women to realize that they are ALREADY beautiful, and that makeup is really just a way of helping us look our best.  I don’t see makeup as a mask that you put on to hide your ugly face or make you look like a different person.  And, in the words of David O. McKay, “even a barn looks better when it’s painted.” So there. I think it’s important to look our best and not be scrubby.  Looking your best is not vanity.  Cleaning up and brushing our hair makes us more credible, more enjoyable, and can help us feel better about ourselves — and none of those are bad things!

I appreciate people who humbly share their talents with the world, and I especially love that Cara shares a lot of advice for aspiring bloggers/photographers/makeup lovers.

Also — she created her own makeup! What the heck? I ordered the maskCara “HAC Pack” (HAC stands for highlight and countour, which Cara is a pro at), which includes foundation/blush/illuminator that is amazing — well, it’s going to be. I haven’t opened mine because I told my husband he could wrap it up and give it to me for Christmas.  Watch this short clip of video to see how I am feeling about that right now.


Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Home Alone is probably my favorite movie of all time. I can quote the entire thing. For Christmas one year my parents bought me a Talkgirl like the Talkboy from the sequel. Remember? The tape recorder that you can record or play back in chipmunk or slow-mo? It was amazing.

Anyway.  An ad for this sweatshirt popped up on Facebook the other day, and I could not resist buying it for myself.  Unfortunately I did so just after my mom purchased it for me for Christmas/my birthday (my birthday is on Christmas Day), so then she canceled her order and I felt like a jerk — or, more appropriately, a filthy animal.

They have several colors (I bought grey, because I have a grey/black clothing problem) and Amazon has many different styles (tees, sweaters, baby onesies, etc.). This one would be perfect for an ugly sweater party:

I think it would be genius to cross-stitch this into something and give it to your grandmother.

Merry Christmas!