Back From Hiatus

Yes, I’ve been slacking, so I apologize to all 12 of you who read this blog. I do know there are some friends who read that I don’t talk to as often as I should, so here’s a bit of a personal update.

What’s new:

1. Nick’s back!

Nick ditched his door-to-door sales gig for Vivint Solar in Sani Fran and has been at Vivint Corporate in Provo since January. He works on the phones selling security and has worked his little self up into management very quickly. He’s involved in a few other projects for Vivint where his insight is needed, especially since so no one else in his department has experienced selling door to door for Vivint Solar. We couldn’t be happier about where he is. And I will probably never stop telling him that I told him so.

2. We had a baby.

Nixon Paul was born February 1st, keeping our apparent family tradition of birthing on the first of the month. Everything went really well with the delivery, as if it wasn’t great enough that the little guy came two weeks early. He’s now almost 7 months old, itching to start crawling, and brightening our lives with his smiles and cheekies.  And he is such a BOY!  The first thing I noticed about him when he was born were his shoulders! They are so manly! I love shoulders so I’m always bragging about them. To see more cute pics of the little guy, check out my Instagram feed.

3. Ava’s almost 3.


Aves is talking up a storm. Full sentences, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositional phrases, and phrases like, “Oh my gosh! That pink cake is so BEAUTIFUL!” Is she potty trained?! Nope. She loves bows, dresses, princesses, ponies, and pink.  I thought girls were this way because we train them to be, but her obsession with girl stuff has come with very little effort on my part. She does also like baseball, which makes dad happy.  She is a picky eater, living mostly on cheese quesadillas (I should start sneaking veggies or chicken in there) and eating veggies only because I hide them in her smoothies.

I guess that’s really all the update I have, because not much else has changed.  Well, my sister had a baby, my other sister got married, my brother received his LDS mission call to Lyon, France (he leaves at the end of October). Nick’s brother got married, also, and his brother and his wife had a baby boy a week before Nix was born (I love twins, yay). Also, more recently and sadly Nick’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She’s about to start round 3 of chemo, and it’s awful and I’ve never seen anything so sad.  I may post about that another day, but while I’m here, guys, don’t take any one or any moment in your life for granted.  It’s not just a cheesy saying. Make TODAY the day you stop complaining and start being nice to everyone, make TODAY the day you write in your journal the stories you are told about your ancestors and living relatives, make TODAY the day you sit down and play with your kids, and make TODAY the day you learn what you can from your mother in law, and the day you realize how she has blessed your life so tremendously.

That’s about it, UNLESS you count my new and very ridiculous obsession with quilting (my sister-in-law, who made the quilt pictures below, inspired me).  I apologize to my Pinterest followers for my “Quilts” board that has taken over my feed, along with a slew of baby sweaters and modern-minimalist kitchens. I’ll probably have to do a quilting post soon. I apologize in advance for my upcoming old-lady ways, but quilting is surprisingly do-able and gives my A.D.D. enough structure to be creative within.  I still watch Pretty Little Liars obsessively to balance it out, so don’t be too worried.