Custom Earrings

Sometimes I like to be crafty-like.  I get so happy when I find something my non-crafty self has the patience to make: earrings!

Hand-Made Earrings

So easy. Swear.

1 – Paint wooden discs (I used paint markers I discovered at Hobby Lobby.  Less mess!).  Let dry.

2 – Glue earring backs to back of earrings.  I used E-600, which is really tacky and that the craft store lady recommended.  I was going to use hot glue but DUH, BUH-BYE FINGERPRINTS.

3 – Pre-poke holes into cute, sturdy paper (don’t do this with the earrings themselves unless you want to bust them because you were impatient like me and didn’t wait for the glue to dry).  Insert earrings into holes, put in cute box, give to friends for Christmas. I really like how this Etsy seller does it – paper, stamped letters (“To,” “From,” etc.), done. Bonus if you have the patience/lack of A.D.D. to get on the computer to print your labels. Knowing me, I’d get on the computer and end up on Pinterest for the next hour, then forget what I had been planning to do and go eat a cookie. So I hand-wrote my labels.

I used these extremely cheap, flat wooden discs (they are about earlobe-size, with the exception of the larger pink ones).  I think that it is even cuter to use wood buttons like these . . .or these:

The nice thing about flat earrings is that you could also use Mod Podge and scrapbook paper scraps to make some funky earrings.