Today I Went on a Pinterest Binge

Today was one of THOSE days.  My skin has been extremely dry (since you asked), so I slathered on a jar of body butter, wrapped my tootsies in saran wrap, slipped some socks on, and sat down with my laptop.

Sometimes all you need is 2 hours of window shopping.

I just discovered how cute little poofy bloomer-style shorts are on Ava — right in time for winter.  BUT that’s what leggings are for.

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1. I like simple long-sleeve tees best on my Little.  Old Navy’s poofy-shoulder tees are cute and cheap.  I’m dying over this gold dot toddler tee from J. Crew Factory:

And I love this little number from Zara:

2. Toddler leggings are my best friends.  I love striped ones like these from J. Crew, and these from Old Navy:

3. LOVE shorts with leggings or cable-knit tights.  I also like these and these from Zara.

4. Yes, the moccs are $60 — if you’re in Utah and going to the Bijou Market in Provo this weekend, Freshly Picked will be selling them there for $55.  I’ll be dreaming about it.  I’m obsessed with her mustard ones.

So if you’re bored in Utah County this weekend and have cash to blow, go visit the Bijou Market on Center Street in Provo or the new outlets at Traverse Mountain (especially the J. Crew Factory store if you’re looking for cuuute little girl clothes). xo


Leather & Gold

I’m really excited about a couple of trends this winter: leather leggings and gold things.

Be Bold, Wear Gold

I’m REALLY excited about this season’s gold trend.  I’ve hated gold with a passion for ages but I think it’s picked a good time to make a comeback.

I think gold works awesome in a lot of ways, but it’s definitely possible to overdo it.  It’s probably best to pick one place to wear it so it stands out — otherwise you can end up looking messy.  Wear gold earrings (and no other gold jewelry) with a black outfit:

Or try it with red . . .

. . . and some gold nail polish — it’s everywhere!  It’s hard to find a shade that doesn’t look like baby poop, but I like Essie’s “Good As Gold.”

Or a gold (leather) skirt:

Which brings me to the next exciting trend of this season . . .

Leather Stuffs

While ruffly leather skirts sound bizarre — and leather pants scare the crap out of me — I’m excited about it.

Leather skirts.  Oh my.  Just LOOK at how fun this is:

I really can’t think of too much you’re NOT allowed to wear with a leather skirt.  The clashier the better.  I want a ruffly mustard one.

Leather leggings are amazing  The Kim Kardashian ones are only $15 at Sears — I know, I know, you haven’t been to Sears since your mom dragged you there once when you were seven, but I’m sure those cheapies are worth a try.  ASOS has some for decent prices too. I really like grey ones.

Welp.  That’s all for today.



Yes, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus (thank you, Maui; I love you).


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Back to Fall!

There are a few things I’m pretty excited about lately.  Although I’m kind of being a Scrooge about Facebook’s daily Thanksgiving status updates, I like me a good Top Ten list of awesomeness.

1. Embroidered Sweaters For Kids

I snagged this owl sweater for Ava for next to nothing at the thrifty, but you can find similar ones at Old Navy right now.

This reminds me of my favorite-ever movie, Home Alone. Kevin whined about how last year for Christmas his grandma sent him a sweater with a bird knitted on it.  Not cool for a guy in the second grade, but little girls can pull them off.  Also, Kevin, I think dinosaur pajamas are awesome — at least for toddler boys.  They won’t get beat up.

My sis-in-law just bought these.  I’m obsessed with dinosaur pajamas.  Sorry, Kevin.

2. Fall Toddler Clothes in General

I actually said, “Omisgosh that is ADORBS,” out loud when I saw this toddler girl coat at Old Navy.  I’ve always loved olive-colored everything.  This gem is on sale for $20.

3. Candy Cane Hershey Kisses

I don’t have to explain this one. Let the Christmas-before-Thanksgiving goodness commence.

4. Disc Earrings

I found some hand-painted disc earrings at a little farmers’ market a couple weeks ago, and I am now obsessed.  I love the cute geeky look of large, round, color-pop earrings.  I bought a pair with green chevron stripes, and I really like these:

5. Chevron Jewelry

I know this is by no means a new trend, but I am still in awe at the beauty of this year’s angular metal jewelry.  I can’t stop pinning triangle necklaces!  There is no recovery group for it! Help.  I love how this style feels so earthy and grown-up, yet not too glitzy.  That sounded really weird.

6. Weslie Christensen

This mama writes a fab blog, which has grown largely in popularity since Jef Holm went on The Bachelor (Weslie’s husband Bronson is the Designer for People Water).  I always look forward to her Instagram updates (@weslie_).  She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen, but what I adore about her is how much she is a testament to how important one’s inner beauty — mentality, spirituality, and physical health — is to overall beauty and happiness.  Read her blog.

7. Black and Gold

Black clothes. Gold earrings.  The end.

8. Small Fry Blog

The extremely talented girls at Small Fry (a “children’s lifestyle blog”) are doing some great stuff.  I love their design and photography.

9.  Lying on the floor watching movies on a snowy day.

10. Cafe Rio Pork Salad and pellet ice in styrofoam cups.

Happy Friday.