Fall Toddler Girl Outfits

I’m trying to be super practical about A’s fall wardrobe. I’m thinking leggings, boots, long-sleeve shirts, and a few pairs of colored jeans.

I think when you shop it’s important to stock up on the basics first; then you can do the mix-and-match thing and not have to buy 500 outfits and have to find shoes for this outfit, a shirt to go with that skirt, etc.

I’m going to note first that I currently am not into any affiliate programs, so I don’t make money off what you buy (yet).  Eventually we’ll start doing the ad thing, but for now we’re just having fun.

These lovelies are from Target:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

I also wouldn’t mind buying a couple things from Zara, although I consider those my splurges.  This would probably be A’s Thanksgiving outfit:

 Love Zara’s baby clothes.  Lumberjack shirt (also in pink), corduroy trousers, furry vest, heaven.  I think it would all look great with oxfords like these ones from Old Navy:

And finally, my favorite outfit.  I am obsessed with this Ramones tee from Zara.  I think this outfit would be perfectly cute with just leggings and no skirt, but you can sure do whatever you want. High tops are also from Zara.


Boy Clothes, Girl Clothes: Outside the Box

Since we’re having a boy, I’m kind of in mourning about all my girls clothes (but only kind of, because I LOVE little boy clothes). I hope my sister gets pregnant with a girl soon so A’s old clothes can have a good home, because if I keep them and we never have another girl those clothes will die orphans and haunt my dreams.

The other day I was shopping Old Navy’s baby sale (only spent $25! Baby clothes are up to 30% off PLUS I used my Old Navy card to get 20% off PLUS I had $15 in Old Navy card points, so I saved $58. Husband was proud.). I got some cute things for A, including these skinny jeans:

. . . which are still on sale for $12 thru September 26th! They have them in bright red, cobalt blue, purple, coral, and hot pink. How I managed not to buy every single color is still a mystery. I bought the yellow ones.

For Mr. Baby of The Belly, I bought this cute little hooded lumberjack shirt, which you may have noticed from my last post.

It’s also on sale — for ten bucks — through the 26th.

You guys, I could just DIE. Baby boy clothes are my favorite. So much that I wanted to buy half the boys’ section for my DAUGHTER — then Baby Boy can wear them when he’s all big and stuff.

I know, I know. How dare I turn my daughter into Shiloh Pitt. But seriously: girls can wear whatever they want unless Lady Gaga is picking. I just don’t get super excited about pink tutus and ruffle shirts. Boys tend to have more neutral/earthy colors, clean lines, and spunk. Girl clothes get cheesy . . . so easy.

Sometimes I just like to wear my husband’s tee shirts with leggings. Sometimes I wear lumberjack shirts. And sometimes I wear high heels and pink skinny jeans and a push-up bra. I’m not saying I am going to dress my daughter in long baggy shorts and make her duct-tape her boobs down when she turns 14. I am just saying that I think THIS is adorable:

Picture from Look Linger Love

. . . suspenders and oxfords on a little girl? And look at her little sleeves rolled up over her sweater. And they’re GLITTERY suspenders, so you can not have to worry that she’s going to get beat up on the playground.

Here’s some other things I wouldn’t mind buying for A and passing down to her brother — except for the glitter suspenders, of course. Also, I know these $88 J.Crew Macallister shoes are outrageous; buy the similar baby moccasins at Old Navy for $10.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Baby Boy Clothes

In my last post I noted that there’s a bun in the oven.

We just found out it’s a little man.  The two-year-old is a girl, so we feel pretty lucky to have one of each right off the bat. Also, I can’t wait to go shopping for the little dude.

Boys’ clothes are bomb.  My sister-in-law and I are both due to have boys within a day or two of each other, so my mother-in-law is already out buying matching outfits for them.

Here’s a few things on my own shopping list:

Baby Boy Clothes - Zara, Old Navy, Baby Gap

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Stay tuned for more awesome nerdy-kid outfits, because you know what happens to pregnant ladies with several lonnnnnng months to kill.  LOTS of baby clothes (window) shopping.


Coasters I Found While Looking Around

If you’ve been reading my silly posts, you know I like coasters a bit.

I am very proud to say that I actually made some myself.  Let me say that again:  I MADE SOMETHING FROM A TUTORIAL I FOUND ON PINTEREST.


Now that we’ve established my awesomeness, I will admit that I made the mistake of getting on Etsy last night.  Etsy is worse than Pinterest, I tell you.  Pinterest is just a place to fantasize about all the things you want; Etsy is full of those dang “BUY NOW!” links that tend to wreak havoc on one’s bank account.  I’m drooling over these:

vintage encyclopedia coasters

These were made using pages from old encyclopedias. I’m nervous to try this myself because I’m not sure if the ink would bleed or how you would keep the other side of the page from showing through, etc. So, kids, before you try this at home, find a good tutorial –and tell me where you found it.

leather-stamped scrabble tile coasters

I’m obsessed with these custom leather scrabble coasters.

Cork Coaster, Periodic table

Cork? Periodic Table? I can’t think of anything sexier.

Now, it HAS occurred to me that, if you wanted to see all my Etsy-findings vomit, you could just follow me on Pinterest.  But who wants to see all my pinned organization tips and baby clothes (yep, you’re reading a knocked-up-mom blog) or cake recipes (because I’m definitely going to make 5,786 cakes in my life), or THESE things:


In other words, follow my blog to get the “best of” my Pinterest findings 🙂 Which may or may not include a lot of ecards.