Picking the Right Glasses for Your Face

Whether your face is square, heart-shaped, round, or oval, there are popular frames from a number of brands to fit your face.  While you could go try on pair after pair until you figure out what works for your face, knowing what frames tend to flatter your face shape can save you loads of time — especially when shopping online.


If your head is pretty much proportional in length and width, with a broad forehead, prominent jaw line, and square chin, oval glasses can help soften and add contrast to the angles of your face.  Try the following types of eyeglass frames:

  • -Oval or round.
  • Semi-rimless — Top-only frames also look great if you’re lacking in the eyebrow department.


If you’ve got a small forehead but have been blessed with a bodacious chin, you can add width and also emphasize the narrow upper third of your face by trying frames that are:

  • -Semi-rimless
  • -Accented with color or other detail on the top half.
  • -Cat eyes – These are very feminine and look great when trying to dress up drab business attire.


If your face is shaped like an upside-down triangle, you’re probably wanting to minimize the width of the top of your face.  To avoid drawing attention to your forehead (without cutting bangs or growing a beard), try picking frames that are:

  • Wider at the bottom than the top — Avoid top-rim detail and stick to simple frames.
  • Light colors – Translucent frames will look cool without being too bold.
  • Rimless – These aren’t exactly a fashion statement, but a bold lipstick color or trendy scarf can make up for your understated eye apparel.


Round faces are just that — non-angular.  Spice up your face with sharp, angular frames to slim your face and add definition.  Try frames that are:

  • -Bigger horizontally, and not too wide vertically
  • -Rectangular, rather than round


Lucky you! Oval faces look great in just about any type of eyeglass frames.  Try on a few pairs to get a feel for what you like before going to town at the optical shop, though.

*Tip #1: Try Before You Buy

Even if you know what frames tend to fit your face shape, buying glasses online can be unnerving.  Look for companies that let you try before you buy.  The following try-before-you-buy stores carry a huge selection of very stylish glasses in numerous colors:

  • Warby Parker – This store carries trendy but timeless styles of glasses in practical, timeless colors.  The designer quality can’t be beat — AND the store donates a pair of glasses to a person in need for every pair you buy.  Try on up to 5 pairs at home with no obligation to buy — and no shipping costs.
  • Tortoise & Blonde – Try on glasses virtually, or try on five pairs at home.  Tortoise & Blond also helps children in poverty receive optical treatment, serving more than 200 kids each week.

*Tip #2: Skip Designer Frames

While LensCrafters is a popular website for finding designer brands of eyeglasses, Consumer Reports claims their frames tend to be more expensive than elsewhere.  When you buy designer frames, you are paying for licensing fees (and a teeny-tiny logo) — not necessarily for quality.


Artsy Fartsy: Become a Geeky Coaster Maker

I have a minor obsession with making new coasters.  Geeky coasters, of course. Take some cheap tiles from the home improvement store, a little fancy paper, a little Mod Podge (OK, a LOT of Mod Podge.  Like 400 layers of Mod Podge — movie marathon, anyone?) and you’re good to go.  Check out this coaster tutorial to make sure you do it right.

Paper For Making The Coasters

You can cut up old wrapping paper, birthday cards, dollar bills, photos — just about anything — to make the coasters.  I’d be a little wary of thinner stuff like newspaper and magazine, as the ink may bleed and the paper is so thin it will probably bubble.  Don’t use anything printed from an inkjet printer, either (you knew there was a catch, eh?), because the ink will just smear all over the place.

By the way, there was a band called The Coasters back in the day.  You could use their album art to make new coasters, ya know.

The Coasters

Finding Images For Making Coasters

Simple, silhouette images are often the best for coasters.

I was looking around for some images to use, and — as usual — Etsy didn’t disappoint.  I don’t think I’ll buy any prints, I found, since they’re mostly huge and meant for hanging on your wall, but check em out!

Orange Optimist has some really incredible art.  Owls on bicycles — why not?  The images are pricey, but if you want something spectacularly geeky to hang in your casa, check this stuff out.

Neve Dobson has some cool, simple modern images.  I just want to get them in small, paper form.  Others will drool over my coaster collection.

New Coasters You Should Buy

These are rad:

new coasters

new coasters

geeky coaster

 Happy coasting!

Geeky Tees

T-shirts are essential.  Just about any other top will be out of style and in the scrap pile mañana, so stay stocked up on the ultimate geek wardrobe staple.

BONUS:  When a tee shrinks/wears out/becomes embarrassing to wear in public because your ex bought it for you, do the t-shirt to pillow thing and throw it on your couch or bed…OR you can make an old t-shirt into a grocery bag (nothing greener than that) OR even a skirt. So crafty, you are.

You can score many a geeky tee from a thrift store, garage sale, or your dad’s closet.  Here’s a few I wouldn’t mind spending a buck or two on.


Bicycles are almost as adorable as ponies.  In fact, they are really just ponies for grown-ups. Get a bicycle tee in every color you can find.

Girly Geek

Found this hand-painted gem on Etsy.

Big Bang Theory

If Sheldon Cooper has worn it, so must you.

big bang theory t shirt

Elephants?  Why not.


Some of the best places to find unique t-shirts are handmade and local stores.  Don’t skip Etsy when shopping for unique and geeky things!

Tee ID

Lest a new acquaintance should forget your name, jog their memory with an initial tee.



Geeky Glasses

I am obsessed with glasses. I have never needed them, but ever since my preschool BFF got glasses (for legitimate optical reasons), I NEEDED them (for totally legitimate vanity/dress-up reasons). My mom hated her glasses (she was in her twenties in the 80s, so her glasses were half the size of her face) but I would punch out the lenses in my sunglasses and wear them everywhere. I was excited to get braces too, so yes, I was a total crack child.

Geeky Glasses Stand Out — In a Good Way

If you’re going to wear glasses, you might as well wear some freaking glasses. Understated spectacles are like, “Oh, you poor four-eyed child,” whereas thick, bold frames say, “I like to party!”

Non-prescription glasses are now widely available (thank you, Hollywood films, undercover agents, Buddy Holly, and everyone who wants to look just like Buddy Holly). Here are some amazing frames (not excluding “real,” prescription versions for the optically challenged) that I’ve been eyeing lately. Yup, eyeing.

1. Teacher Frames

Semi-cat-eye glasses are ultra-girly and look great when you’re dressing up (pencil skirt, anyone?). If you are loaded and want something on the sexy/classy side, buy yourself/your girlfriend/me this pair of 7 For All Mankind 717 Eyeglasses:

7 For All Mankind 717 Eyeglasses, $138.95

2. Wayfarers

These fun, Clark-Kent-esque glasses are my favorites. I like Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers, but as an exclusively recreational glasses sporter I buy the cheapies on Amazon, where you can find them in red, neon pink, yellow, mustard, green, orange, white, etc. At $2-10 a pop, you might as well order a pair in every last color. I have them in red and black, and my shopping cart is waiting for me to buy these mustard beauties:

Wayfarer Clear Lens Sunglasses, $4.99. Available in 8 colors, including mint green, mustard, neon yellow, and white.

White Wayfarer Glasses, $3.99

Green Clear Lens Wayfarer glasses, $6.99

3. Cat Eyes

Holy Catwoman! For only $10, you might as well try these cat-eye clear sunglasses, if only to wear them to Comic Con or a showing of Batman.

Cat Eye Clear Sunglasses: $9.95, Style Vault

4. Wizard Glasses

For your next Harry Potter party.

Harry Potter Glasses

5.  Run DMCs

Whether you’re a legit 80s rapper or not, Cazal-style glasses are cool and can make even the drabbest t-shirt look neat-o.

6. Warby Parker

If you HATE that you can’t try glasses on before you buy them online, Warby Parker is your new BFF. Warby Parker will send you five pairs of glasses with a return shipping label — for free. Try them on, send them back — even if you hate them all (unlikely). The company works much like popular pair-for-pair companies like Toms and PeopleWater; you buy a pair, they donate a pair to someone in need. Win-win. Warby Parker carries an impressive array of frame styles — and at $95 a pop, these trendy optical frames are worth the time and money.

Monroe - Black Matte - Warby Parker - Women

Tenley - Burgundy Fade (also in Midnight Blue)

Thompson - Crystal Matte (also in black) - Men