10 Happy Things

Yesterday, while Ava was at a friend’s house and while Boston was napping, I got to hang out with Nixon for a little bit, and it was fun to just sit and eat lunch and talk to him.


When Ava got home, Boston was still napping and Nixon was watching a show, and I just sat at the table while Ava had a snack and I talked to her.

I just love little times when I actually stop and talk to my kids or with Nick.  Those moments are so sweet.

Some other things that have been making me happy:

1) This poster that says:

“You can never influence the world by trying to be like it.”

2) Sweaters.

3) Is it still acceptable to be drooling over Adele’s makeup in her “Hello” video?? If you can get past the hilarious posing at the beginning of this video, it’s a pretty good tutorial for how to replicate that cute look.

4) Wavy beach hair!  I love this tutorial at Barefoot Blonde, which I used to do Ava’s hair in this picture.

5) Eating boring.  I enjoy food, but I’ve found that eating the same things every day helps me not overeat.  I just eat my oatmeal, snack on fruit and veggies (and chocolate), eat my sandwich for lunch, and drink tons of water.  When I’m not eating great, it’s because I’ve fallen out of those habits and impulsively get up in the morning and eat sugary cereal, snack on junk food and sip Diet Coke all afternoon, forget to eat lunch, and then I’m cranky and want to eat loads of Mexican food and Diet Coke for dinner. So, don’t do that.

6) Season 6 of Parenthood is on Netflix!

7) All the baby snuggles.  Guys, Boston has been THE BEST BABY. Like ever.  I love all my kids, but Boston makes me want three more babies. Speaking of having a million babies, have you guys seen @chloeandbeans on Instagram?  She’s 22, and has three boys ages 3, 2, and 1, AND has triplets.  Her pictures are just beautiful and exploding with cuteness. And they are Australian and I swear the babies coo in Australian accents and she’s always calling them her “cheeky babies” and I could just die.

8) Fixer Upper.  Duh. #shiplap

9) Pinning bathroom and kitchen ideas on Pinterest.  Help.

10) Stephanie Nielson. What a cool chick. There really aren’t words to describe her beauty.






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